Sunday Snuggle Down #18


-- Plan your shopping list and get baking! --

I have to admit, the highlight of my week was finally getting my hands on Tanya Burr's new book Tanya Bakes which is full of food photo goals and easy recipes. I mean, EVERY recipe in there I immediately want to start making. But there's time for that but I can't wait to show you the creations I make from this book on my blog. And of course I bought a couple more novels to keep me going in July... Aside from that excitement, I've been busy making a wishlist from blog posts I've been reading this week of products and things I want to try and buy. And here in this post is the cream of the crop. Enjoy! (Don't blame me though on how much money you spend after reading them)

  • Katie from Katie's World of Beauty has an amazing selection of a few products she's bought recently and I want to buy them all.
  • Protect your bank account from yourself as you try to resist wanting every luxury beauty product in this post from Estee. I know I am... Help. Me.
  • Taking a break from the beauty, Katy has dropped a wanderlust worthy post about her trip to Rome. Prepare to be amazed and not feel too jealous of her stay there.
  • The weather is a bit strange here in London, but fear not my friends, Amy has the perfect remedy! The perfect guide to a summer pamper evening. You're welcome!
  • Speaking of Tanya Bakes... If you're still not sure whether to buy it, then try out this taster recipe from the book here, it's one to impress your family and friends and use as a center piece!
  • And lastly, a first for this series is a blog post idea! Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed has made a get to know me post by answering some unique questions. Give it a read and try one for yourself! If you want me to answer the same ones in a future post, comment below!
How was your week guys?

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  1. Oh wow lucky you got Tanya bakes :) I can't wait to try out the recipes

    Davina -

  2. Oh wow lucky you got Tanya bakes :) I can't wait to try out the recipes

    Davina -

    1. There's so many you need to try!!


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