What's In My Summer Bag?


-- All the essentials for a rad summer --

As I type this, I've just recovered from a 32 degrees heatwave and am relishing the slight drop in temperature. I may be obsessed with getting a tan, but as the ultimate British girl, I can't take the heat. But when it is lovely and there's not a cloud in the sky, I can't resist a trip out with the family or some friends. Along with that, I throw together the essentials that you would mostly not catch me using in A/W - and I love writing these sorts of posts. So, without further ado, here's what I carry...

001: Purse: I have the cutest and prettiest purse ever from Cath Kidston which matches my new tote bag. I'm a CK obsessive and looking at them brings me great joy. Plus, it carries all my cards and coins. And when I say cards, I mean loads of club cards haha.

002: Sunglasses: My favourite sunglasses purchase to date, but they do show the £2 Primark price as they're now covered in scratches. *sad face* But you don't notice them so I can carry on being all indie and tumblr for a further few months.

003: Hand Gel: It smells so sweet and gorgeous, and Soap & Glory are one of my favourite brands. I've had this since March and it's still going strong hurrah. It's perfect for cleaning your hands in public toilets, on the go and before having fish and chips on the beach nom nom nom.

004: Body Mist: Now you'll never find me without my lovely body mist. This year's choice is Zoe's Sweet Inspirations. It smells beautiful - like macarons and pastry... Perfect for the summer and it's small enough to carry around yay.

005: Concealer: If I'm feeling tired, especially after a night that's so hot I might as well be in a volcano, I need to cover up my under eyes constantly. Seventeen Stay Time is amazing for the price and immediately makes me look 10 times more awake. A must have travel essential.

006: Lipstick: I don't know if there's anyone out there like me, but even if a good lipstick stays put - even when eating, I still can't leave it on. I always take off when food arrives but I reapply after. So, you'll essentially see me carrying around my lipstick of the day everywhere. This month's favourite is of course my bae: NYX Liquid Suede in the purple!

What do you guys carry in your bags this season?

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  1. Love having a nosy around other peoples bags haha - Primark always have such good sunglasses!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I'm glad you liked it! and they do though I've discovered little white scratches on them :(


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