Cake Galore in Cutter & Squidge Soho


-- Roll up! Roll up! Get your sweet fix here! --

When meeting up with friends over the weekend, (though there's two pictured in this post, my other friend was taking the picture!) it was a hard decision on deciding where to go. Japanese restaurant or cakes? One suggested Cutter and Squidge which is situated in London, Soho and after checking out their Instagram we were won over. This cute and very photogenic bakery - I mean they have the Ikea plants! - is all natural and fat and sugar are proclaimed to be kept to a minimum. I initially didn't know this until I looked at their website for info for this post... Therefore, this turned out to be a guilt free trip haha.

The bakery itself is very cute but note there is mood lighting so if you're trying to take a picture the lights do dim, so you have to wait for them to go back to full brightness. There's cute animals everywhere and letters which make the place very unique and homely. They're even on the ceiling! You can also buy little gifts like mugs, bags and I think tea as well. They also have a limited time Hello Kitty secret garden downstairs where you can have afternoon tea which was super cute and you could even get themed cakes ahh.

Down to the actual food, there's also an order service where you can order a whole cake for a celebration or loads of their Biskies. I didn't get to try those, but they're biscuits/cookies/cakes filled with buttercream and they looked divine. But me and my friends went for the slices of the Dream Cakes. We got 'Free From Omg It's Green' which is a wheatfree matcha cake and 'Cookies and Cream'. Both slices were close to £5 each which is slightly expensive, but hey it's London and the slices are quite big -  and we shared it between the four of us. 'Cookies and Cream' was nice and light, but it didn't have the chocolate hit that we wanted and we thought it was slightly bland, though the sponge was super moist and nice. Our favourite of course was the matcha cake. It had so much flavour and I never thought I would love matcha - I even considered buying another slice to take away! There's loads of other Dream Cake flavours like Eton Mess and Peanut Butter so you're really spoilt for choice.

We also ordered ice cream floats (lemonade and cola) and they were really refreshing and hit the spot on the day - because it was so hot outside. The lemonade was the best by far as it was really strong in flavour, but the cola didn't give the full taste until right at the very end. But they went so well with the cakes so I strongly recommend gorging on both for the full C&S experience haha. I would definitely go again because there's so many cakes I need to try and it does make a nice change from a coffee shop! Shout out to Christina for having the idea of going!

What's your favourite bakery in London?

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  1. Great photos, love that they have ice cream floats as well as amazing cakes!

    Anika |

    1. They also have ice cream sundaes as well!! And thank you xx

  2. This must be one of the cutest cafes I have seen! I adore the eclectic, pop art feel of the decor, the airy feel of the place and the food looks lush! I'd love to spend an entire rainy afternoon here just nomming cake and scrapbooking haha :D you capture it so beautifully! Following you on GFC xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. aww thank you (and it would be amazing to chill and get some posts written as well!)


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