Changing Up The Eyeshadow Game With Seventeen


-- A load more natural shades --

Ages ago I picked up the Seventeen Easy On The Eye shadow palette in "Birthday Suit" with my Boots points... Wow, that must have been all the way in May... *shocker* I thought it was about time to give a little review on a brand that I've never ventured into eyeshadows with. Their other products like contouring and concealer are pretty much my go tos and give epic results to any look! And you know me, I like to give honest reviews on products. (it isn't all bad though!)

This palette in particular comes with a bunch of lovely gold, pink and nude shades. All very natural and perfect for transitioning into Autumn. (Who doesn't want to match the leaves?) Coming with eleven matte and cream shades and an eye primer it's a lovely price for £7.99. Sadly, I feel like the shades aren't as pigmented as my other palettes like Makeup Revolution BUT they are easy to blend and the good thing is, they're not powdery at all! They all give a nice shimmer and I was quite impressed with how the creams turned out on my eyes.

I'm still not too sure about the primer though. It feels like it makes the shadows appear less vibrant and don't come out all that well, so I think Seventeen would be better off without it as the colours still last all day without the application. But anywho, this is one to treat yourself to when you go on your 'preparing for autumn' beauty shopping spree hehe.

Have you guys tried any of Seventeen's palettes?

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  1. I have never tried anything from Seventeen at all, but I have to say this palette is gorgeous! You get what you pay for in terms of quality I guess, which is not too bad for everyday makeup looks. The shades are pretty and that's the kind of colour I wear most of the time. Too bad about the primer though, they must have the right texture and formula to be good and nothing will ever be better than the Primer Potion by UD! :D

    Julia x
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    1. That's so true and that's probably right! But I don't have the heart to spend that much on a UD product AAHHH

  2. this palette is great!

  3. I bought this palette all the way back in 2015 and I'm pretty sure that I use it nearly everyday! x

    1. I've used it twice this week already haha


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