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We've all been there. Lusting - and maybe even salivating - over Pinterest interiors. I have a pinboard with over 300 pins of interiors that all basically look the same. Plants. Art. Minimal but cosy design. And I'm pretty sure you guys out there are the same, or these pictures wouldn't exist on my feed haha. I thought today I would start a new Pinterest series... so instead of listing pins I've been loving, I would pick three pictures and give tips on how to reach the so called 'Pinterest Goals' without breaking the bank. Because really it's so simple, or as teachers in school say: 'It's not rocket science'

001: Plants all the way:
We see plants everywhere and it might look hard to bring greenery into your life but if you're not green fingered or don't have enough room - don't worry! See the first pic there! You could buy a shelf ladder (from Ikea or any other interior shop) and put tiny plants in - fake or real. You can buy sets for £3.99 or less anywhere. And to be honest Ikea and garden centres literally have the best selections. Pots are also pretty easy to get hold of and they're also really cheap as well!

002: Arty farty and getting cushion happy:
If you want to look creative and hipster with that added sprinkle of having a cosy welcoming space, prints and cushions are the way forward. Cushions like these can be made with some quick diy fixes or bought from up to date stores like Primark. They do amazing ones for £6 or less. If you have that bit more, again Ikea and even Urban Outfitters are good go tos. With the prints, UO are good but if you don't want to spend £20 on a print, creative magazines like frankie have cool free posters with every issue that you can frame, and you can also pull images from Google.

003: Organized copper styling:
Having copper in every home and in aspect is currently in trend. You don't need an extravagant lampshade, but you could have pot holders, candles, mugs, etc. It would be able to tie into the plants and stand out from all the white. A good idea would be to buy a chair like the one above for a desk and put loads of copper pieces on it. Instant interior styling! Am I right ladies (and guys)? You could also get these sorts of ideas from affordable magazines like Style At Home, which give ideas from the likes of Dunelm and Home Sense.

004: Pinterest Pin Sources:

Living Room:
Dining Room:

What ideas have you been getting from Pinterest recently?

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  1. Amazing interiors! So stylish, I'm tempted to copy everything!

    Anika |

    1. I know! And I'm on my way to recreating mine in my room! Primark have an amazing selection of modern duvets and pieces in store now and you could even put up art cards from galleries :)


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