Summer Empties


-- And the ones that are nearly finished --

It's been ages since I did an empties post... I think the last one was in Winter... So, today I thought I would do an updated edition of what I've used up in recent months, because hey, who doesn't love being nosey? Please note that I'm so so close to finishing some products that I might as well include them in this post!

001: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash:
This has been what defined my showering routine throughout Spring and Summer alongside my trusty Lush. It lathers amazingly well and lasts for ages because you don't need to pump out too much - perfect if you're trying to watch your spending in Boots! I would certainly buy this again but it's more of a summer scent for me, so I think I would go for Clean On Me for A/W because that's like a hug in a bottle.

002: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water:
Even if this huge bottle of micellar water only takes off 99.9% of my makeup, while with the other one percent I use my Lush cleanser, I will always love this and go back to it - so it's my one true love really haha. I just find myself picking this up whenever I finish one and I think this is the fourth bottle I've finished. This is the only product you need to take off the majority of your makeup.

003: Lush Tea Tree Water Toner:
The holy grail of toners as its antibacterial and antiseptic natural ingredients can practically get rid of annoying spots on my face over night. They're usually like mountains. Ew. I've now upgraded from the 100g to the 250g because I love this so much. If I could marry this toner, I would. No product in the drugstore will ever beat it.

004: Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation:
It's not quite finished but this has been my one stop to getting a healthy glow on my skin without looking like a ghost. Have you seen me without makeup?! It's full coverage but really easy to blend and Rimmel do the best foundations ever - so it's a must purchase to be honest.

005: Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo:
I bought a cute mini size for top ups and I am nearly finished with this one... But not quite! It's perfect for refreshing your hair as it feels soft and fluffy plus the scent is so amazing. I mean, who doesn't get lazy or is having a particularly bad hair day? Perfect for travelling as well - Love. This.

006: Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask:
I got this when I traded in five pots for a free mask. (That's the best policy for recycling ever) I decided to pick up Love Lettuce for a change and with the lavender and almond oil with ground almond shells, it softens and exfoliates the skin. It's perfect for dry skin and it made a nice change from my usual choice of BB Seaweed.

What products have you guys used up recently?

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  1. Batiste is always, always, always in my empties!

    1. I think I've been converted because I never used dry shampoos before :)

  2. The Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body wash is literally my favourite!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It's so nice, sweet and refreshing! :)

  3. Sugar Crush body wash has the best scent for summer. You've also reminded me that I need to try out the Lush face masks ASAP! Lovely post.

    1. I got another mask yesterday for free, and it's called BB Seaweed. It's for all skin types so I think you should go for that! Of course do go for whatever you fancy :)


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