Sunday Snuggle Down #23


-- A magically restorative day --

Firstly, I wanted to upload this picture to my blog because my friends are super cute and the House of Minalima is epic! Secondly, I apologize times 1 million for not being as active on the blog this week as I would liked to have been. I've been working straight for the week and I'm finally on holiday so I can focus on this lovely bright space for you guys! (Also my bum hurts from sitting on my bed all afternoon sorting out blog photos haha) This week's blog post picks are just the icing on the cake of all the lovely posts that I've read this week - Enjoy! :D

  • Poppy has three Lush facemask favourites that are sure to tickle everyone's fancy! From rose to lavender, get set to make a wishlist to make your skin prepped and ready for Autumn.
  • Another Lush post, but this time it's from a new blogger fave Elizabeth, and it's all about a Lush Kitchen exclusive: Mrs Whippy! Yup, you read that right, it's a bath bomb that looks like ice cream!
  • If you're after some cruelty free products, but ones that allow you to stay on trend and look in season, then Hannah has some amazing lipstick picks. These are all gorgeous, and guess what... NYX is one of the ones listed.
  • Think you know all you need to look after plants? Think again. Kate has some extra tips up her sleeves to help your plants survive and thrive for the rest of eternity yay.
  • On the smoothies obsession train? Because same and this post is the ultimate post to get ideas for the fruity healthy drink... There's like 32 varieties listed aahhh.
  • Cute new blogger alert! You'll fall in love - just like I did - with Emily's blog 'Love, Emily Jane'. She's from Chesire and blogs about recipes, beauty and lifestyle with the cutest photo flaylays ever.
How was your week my lovely readers?

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx