5 Reasons Why You Need To Read The Cursed Child


-- Because we're all potterheads inside --

To be honest you should all know by now that Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is taking over the fandom right now - and even the internet. And even though I wasn't able to get tickets, I was just as excited to get hold of the physical copy of the script for the play. I'm pretty sure the whole population has a copy right now, but if you haven't I shall make it my mission to convince you... Because the Harry Potter universe is my childhood and everyone in the world needs to read it haha...

001: Even though it's the 'eighth book', think of it as a separate story and you will get sucked in. Even though it's technically a continuation, it just feels like a different part of the world - think of it that way and it won't feel weird to read.

002: There's loads of cliffhangers and emotional parts that you might end up crying, but don't worry, that might help you love it even more! In all, the plot is one of the best.

003: It's very easy to imagine the characters and settings without having seen the play. The stage directions can help you easily create the world in your head, plus you have the settings from the movies to help. And that makes the whole reading of it super fun.

004: If you're looking for some light reading, then this would be the best book for you. It's still super magical and intense (like I said with the cliffhangers) but it's flowing and you can put it down, pick it up and remember where you left off. Amazing for those of you who have hectic schedules!

005: Lastly, WHSmith are selling it for buy one get one free (correct as of publishing post), so you can buy one for you and for a friend. And getting a physical copy is way better because then you literally have it for life. Money well spent I think...

Have you guys read the cursed child yet??

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  1. Is it bad that I've never read a Harry Potter book, I think so - I've watched the films and quite enjoyed, but I'd quite like to read this now!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I think I'm in shock... But as long as you've seen the films I can forgive you! Read the books asap as well as the play haha x

  2. i've yet to read this because i've heard so many bad things from people that i'm like...what if i hate it too?!

    thanks for the comment on my favourites post! the cat mug is fantastic!

    1. Oh my gosh! Really?! I still think you should read it but have an open mind because it's totally different from the main series but still really amazing!


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