So I Went To The Lush Creative Showcase 2016...


-- A Lushie's dream in real life... --

Yesterday I was super lucky enough to be able to go to the Lush Creative Showcase in East London. At first I wasn't able to go due to work but a miracle of all miracles happened and I snagged up a ticket pretty quick. I went along with a few other lushies (who are amazing and so sweet) and we had so much fun discovering new products - especially the Christmas ones aahhh - and seeing all the events that were happening.

Here's a lovely photo heavy post for not only me to look back on, but for you guys to get a glimpse of what went down if you didn't get a chance to go. I'm currently suffering from PLS (Post Lush Sadness) because it was such an amazing day and I would do it all again. Anyway, enjoy feasting your eyes and do stay tuned in the coming days for my exclusive showcase haul yaaay.

The Christmas Market was EPPIICCCC. There was every single Christmas and Halloween product being released this year and even the Lush Oxford Street exclusives. *whispers* LOS are getting Twilight shower gel! I picked up only one Christmas and Halloween product as I'm saving my money for the big release day. But there was also Christmas trees, a snow machine, a drag queen Santa dancing around, a snow globe and even a Butterbear hugging corner ahhh.

The Lush Live and Kitchen exclusives was a pretty good highlight for the day. Though I wasn't prepared to wait in a 30 minute queue to get a Nebula (which was £12) or a patch or tee, it was exciting just see and hold them all. To hold a giant bath bomb you legit need both hands... The Lush Live part had special guests making exclusive products with the Kitchen staff and Jack Constantine (the son of Mark - the co founder) as well as talks and Q&A's with the founders and guests. I was lucky enough to catch Jack and a guest making Metamorphosis bath bomb. (Sorry for the blurry pic but I had to zoom in as I was at the back)

One of my favourite ever parts was seeing the giant baths with products in them with other products surrounding them with even huger bath bombs and bubble bars!! GQ magazine was there taking pictures so we had to stand to one side for a few seconds. It was one of the most prettiest things I've ever seen and I just love the guy that was chilling at the top and working the bath haha. I want his job.

There was also areas where you can try products and see the ingredients - here was the lavender bit. And there was a spa room where you can take an experiment about your heart rate, but that looked pretty scary. One of the best parts was the perfume galleries because they looked like art installations but each room was themed around a new fragrance (E.g. Sweet Grandma which was done like a nan's living room) and I did find a new favourite fragrance. I needed it in my life but it was right out of my budget!

Ok the best ever product was the shower floss! It's a new invention but they were giving it away to everyone for free. FOR FREE! That's because it hasn't been developed to last for a long time and you have to use it by the end of the day. The concept is amazing and to use it, you just put it under water and it melts into a shower scrub then you apply straight to the skin. I took a lot and afterwards my skin felt soo soft. I just wish they would work out how to make it a permanent product soon... Just look at them whipping it up aaahhh.

And that was the whole day. I only went on Wednesday but it was less hectic than what I heard about the day before. If you want to see more pictures you can go to my Lush Instagram or even better, watch the vlog I uploaded of the day below. But you're going to have to get through my Brighton footage first haha. There's so much footage that I didn't take in pictures! I'm so grateful I was able to go and I'm just hoping Lush do another one next year...

Did any of you manage to go to the Showcase?

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  1. This looks absolutely magical - I'm very jealous! Sounds like you had a lovely time, how exciting!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aww it was beautifully magical! xx

  2. Such wonderful pics girl! This looks like it was so much fun! x


  3. This is just dreamy! I LOVE lush, especially as it's all ethical and bunny-friendly - now get my hair products from there and my parents got me some AMAZING hand cream for my birthday, it's finally clearing my skin which was so cracked. LOVE IT :)

    Bumble and Be

    1. Awww that's so sweet of them and I'm glad it's helping! What hair products do you use from Lush??

  4. This looks amazing! I'd love to see how they make the products. Can't wait for the autumn and Christmas range, there's always so much that I want! Danielle ||

    1. The Halloween ones come out tomorrow yaaay


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx