A Warming Autumn Pamper Evening


-- A perfectly cosy spicy evening --

 I was having a bit of a nostalgic moment the other day and saw my first evening routine post from 2014. I haven't yet done an updated version with pictures as I've always gone to my YouTube to create a visual. But it was about time to give some loving to my pamper routine side of the blog. Considering the fact that it's basically night time at 6am and 7pm, it's only right now to crack open that Lush body lotion I've saved for Winter and use an Autumn bath bomb from my Showcase haul - full post of the products I bought will be up next week! So sit back my lovelies, grab a hot drink and let me take you on a journey of pure pumpkin imagination... (With added skincare hehe)

 First off, before I attempt to even run my bath, I take my makeup off. This is probably the most important step of the evening for me and I'm one of those gals that CANNOT stand leaving skincare till I'm literally about to go to bed. It just can't be done. I start off with my Simple Kind To Eyes eye make up remover which is amazing for sensitive eyes and even takes off waterproof mascara easily. Then I use my trusty Garnier Micellar water to remove the rest of my makeup, and then my Lush 9 to 5 to do another cleanse but to also hydrate my skin. I usually then use my Lush Tea Tree toner and Vanishing Cream moisturiser after but I leave them till after my pamper evening face mask...

This evening's face mask is brought to you by Yes To Tomatoes! I've never used this so I'll be doing a review on it soon, but I love how it comes in a cute pot and is good for combination skin. Though I have normal skin generally, my nose now in 2016 tends to get a little oily. Drat, curse the fact that I boasted to everyone I have normal skin. (The usual option is a Lush fresh face mask but my BB Seaweed just ran out of date - and it's still in the fridge because I forgot about it oops *forgets about it for another week*) I just apply this while finally running the bath so I can let it do its job while I have a soak in the essense of the product I've thrown into the tub. All I will say for now, a little goes a long way on application and it certainly works.

 Down to the main event of the evening - the bath bomb! The Pumpkin bath bomb was the choice as it was raining and I wanted something comforting and warming to my body and soul... Basically I just wanted Autumn in a bath. The bath bomb smells of home baking and spices mmm and I was lucky enough to pick it up at the Lush Creative Showcase the other day. There's a pleasant surprise of colour inside and the bath water becomes a beautiful warm orange. I usually take pictures of the bath water for my Lush Instagram and my personal and then soak in there for at least half an hour. You've got to make the most of a product if you're going to use it to the full. Sometimes, I mix a bubble bar in there to create a cocktail but tonight I was feeling lazy. But can we appreciate just for a second that Lush have actually brought out a pumpkin bath bomb this year... I need 1000 more.

Lastly, after I've taken my mask off, used my toner and facial moisturiser, I apply my body lotion. What's a pamper evening without something to hydrate everywhere else that isn't your face? The Comforter is the embodiment of Winter in a Lush product and has a lovely sweet but warm berry scent. It's quite thick so perfect for this time of year and the smell of it lasts for aggeesss. I'm officially in love.

And that's it folks! If you want me to do a Christmas version in a couple of months using Lush Christmas products, do let me know. But for now, please just let me soak in everything Autumn. Thanks.

What do you guys usually do on a pamper evening?

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  1. This is like an ultimate pamper routine & it got even better with the pumpking bath bomb!
    I always get obsessed with autumnal scents stuffs during this time of the year, so autumn pamper session is the right one for me :D Thanks xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

    1. Wooo! I'm actually going to buy three more of these bath bombs so I can do these pamper evenings again haha


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