Sunday Snuggle Down #26


-- The day for exploring and eating --

Sunday's are usually a day of rest, but they're also a pretty good opportunity to go exploring and trying new things. This sums up this week's post picture. After the showcase, we ventured into Borough market to grab some food, and this is what I picked up. It's an Indian vegan street food dish with lentil crepes, chickpeas and seasoning - and let me tell you it was epic. I also hope this week's post picks are just as good! So, sit back, relax and get reading...

  • It's starting to get that little bit cooler and the dark clouds are rolling in for Autumn. Here's a list of hobbies you can do on a gloomy day that will bring your spirits up.
  • If you're a chocoholic like me, you'll want to try Laura's healthier recipe for the sweet brown treat. It's time to start drooling...
  • Hygge is becoming a big thing this season, and to get some inspiration on how to channel some cosy and calm, check out Michelle's new shed! It's not your bog standard man one, it's the pinnacle of cosy - complete with lights and throws!
  • Another candle haul (and also another autumn post) but I'm just lusting over Bath and Body Works candles! Carrie has a haul all about hers, and I want every single one.
  • Didn't get a chance to go to the Lush Showcase? And want more pics after reading my post? Then Vicky can give you her side to the day, and it looks like absolute perfection. It's all about Christmas, Butterbears and Dinos!
  • Love plants? Then Poppy has a picture perfect post all about hers. They're all so green and pretty ahhh.
How was your week my lovelies?

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  1. That dish looks so yummy - I loved Poppy's house plant post, so green and beautiful!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know right! Also it's my future home goals :P

  2. I love Sunday's for exploring too :-) it's usually much more peaceful and less crowded on Sunday's where I love. Xo!


  3. Oooh such great Sunday reads! I adore candle hauls and everything autumn this time of year, even if I haven't quite begun to celebrate the season on my blog yet haha! Your blog is the cutest as always! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  4. i've been following your instagram for ageees and i cant believe this is the first time i've come to your blog! obviously following asap too :D

    1. Omg :o welcome! I hope you enjoy exploring it xx


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