Sunday Snuggle Down #27


-- Coffee is always right on a Sunday --

Happy Sunday my lovely readers! This week has gone by in a flash... I've been obsessing over the Lush Halloween collection (see my haul here), meeting up with the most sweetest blogger and welcoming the autumnal season. I've also been reading blog posts as much as I've been drinking coffee this week and as it's a new time of year, my post picks will be mainly Autumn themed yay. I hope you guys have a lovely weekend and enjoy what I have to offer...

  • Are you technically an adult like me, but actually can't 'adult'? Fear not, here's a handy post on how to act like one even when you really really feel like you're not.
  • I'm still lusting after the iPhone 7 Plus... I mean the camera looks amazing. If you're bored of trying to find out more about it on technology blogs full of weird jargon, read Becky's review here!
  • Lusting after beautiful silky long hair but without the hassle of split ends coming quicker? Elizabeth may have helpful suggestion: Cherry Blossom shampoo and conditioner! This could be a god send guys!
  • NEW BLOGGER ALERT!! I've recently been trying to be more active on my twitter (@franalibi) and I stumbled across a lovely new blogger: Jaye Rockett - who has some lovely photos and posts. Do check her out!
  • Want to try and keep a capsule Autumn wardrobe but also be bang on trend? Hannah has lovely seasonal lookbook to give you guys some ideas...
  • Selfish self promo, butttt if you want to be more excited for Autumn and to get inspired to embrace this time of year, then look no further than my own post!
How was your week my lovelies??

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  1. Jaye's blog is lovely isn't it?!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I've been reading it all weekend and I love it! :)


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