Sunday Snuggle Down #28


-- It's finally Octobeeerrr! --

I'm very happy to be typing this post on an October morning. It feels like the epitome of the year... I can finally put the fire on, snuggle under a blanket and have homemade pumpkin spice latte with a read or a good film. It has Sunday written all over it - also hygge! (Which I'll write about in the next week once I finish a book on the subject - which I have to say is very interesting and written in an entertaining way!) Gosh. I LOVE Autumn. Aside from all this excitement about the month, I hope these posts that I've picked add some extra sparkle to your cosy day and give you some inspiration. Have a good Sunday my lovely readers....

  •  If you're like me and jealous of all the lucky ducks that seem to be able to snap up some Bath and Body Works candles... fear not! Corrie has some AMAZING DUPES!! (This had to be in caps because it's life changing!)
  • Stuck with ideas on what to do with your hair? The ABM girls have an easy and beautiful hairstyle that I'm even wanting to attempt to do! It's veerryyy pretty!
  • Amy hits the nail on the head about embracing your height. Like her, I'm quite short and it's refreshing to see someone feel the same way as you do... A lovely insightful read!
  • Love Autumn so much that you want to decorate your house/room to show others how much you love the season? Me too. And Carrie has the perfect diy for you to do that! It's magic.
  • Did you fall in love with the Disney x Cath Kidston collab? Because saammee! I kind of wish I snapped up these pajamas that Megan is showing off. They look so cosy...
How was your week guys?

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  1. i'm so soooo happy that its finally october and i feel so autumnal.

    1. Same here! I'm ready to hit up Primark today for some Autumnal gear hehe


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