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-- Burnt oranges and mustard yellows --

There's nothing better than being able to hit up Primark after pay day and buy a few treats for the Autumn season. This outfit is no exception because they go so well together and it reminds me of the early evening sunsets and morning sunrises...

I'm not a skirt type of girl outside of work hours usually, but this pinafore is perfect for my mood this month and it's made of such a lovely suede like material aahhh. At such a bargain for £10, I have a few shirts and jumpers that would go with this aside from the one featured!

The shirt itself has a gorgeous high neck and lovely sleeve cut - and look at the floral print omg. I know I'm aware that I look like a nans wallpaper but I really do not care. It's all for the name of Autumn. Another bargain for £8 oh yes please. I'll for sure wearing both of these together a lot teamed with my boots from New Look and maybe even my Zara casual sneakers.

I also bought a few other lovely bits from Primark, which I put in a haul video for my channel, and you can watch it below! Enjoy!

What have you guys picked up recently?

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  1. I've been loving Primark lately - this outfit is sooo pretty!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. they have some really nice pieces in this season and thank youu xx

  2. You look so cute in this outfit!!!
    Nice colors ♥



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