How To Hygge At Home


-- Time to channel cosy into your Autumn every day --

I was reading one of my favourite magazines the other day: The Simple Things. And they had an article on the Danish way of living which is hygge, (pronounced hue-gah) and I admit I was trying to say it like 'hug' before I even read up more about it haha. This photo features the book I picked up and I got some potentially life changing tips. Considering it's Autumn, it's the perfect time to put hygge into practice by cosying up - because your home is the best place for it. Danes are proven to be one of the most happiest people in the world and I think it's time we should all follow in their steps. So, here's a few tips on how to hygge!

001: Creating your setting:
The number one rule for hygge is choosing a cosy space to chill. Wiking (the author) suggests that concentrated light is a bad choice, but lights that create calm low light is good. So, grab your Primark LED lights, candles (which is the most popular choice) and fairy lights and place them around your space/room. If you have a fireplace then also put that on! (Or if there was a fireplace in your room but now there's a gap, stick a few candles in there!) Cushions, throws or blankets  to snuggle under create the ultimate hygge effect so you can feel all cosy, warm and comfortable. The more cushions the better!

002: What to wear:
Now that it's getting colder, to be more hygge you will need to throw on a cosy knit jumper - it can be oversized or fitted. Flannel pajamas are also a good option. Cosy socks will also be needed - maybe from Primark or woollen ones (like the ones sold in Zoella's Lazy Days set) to make your feet warm and toasty. Though I personally think cute slipper socks are the ultimate go to's. If it's a later afternoon, do feel free to throw on extra layers like a scarf or *wiggles eyebrows* another jumper...

003: Drinking and eating:
The best activity of allllll. Top choices include herbal tea, normal tea, coffee, hot chocolate or my personal favourite: mocha. If you're feeling festive mulled wine is an option - but obviously don't make it if you're under age. Eating a snack in your hygge setting is a real treat especially when you buy a packet of chocolate you haven't had in months. Boxes like Heroes can be nibbled on and eaten over a few days, or you could have a Danish pastry if you really wanted to seriously feel hygge. Eating and drinking slow brings happiness and holding a mug of something hot is proven to be one of the best feelings. You could also be totally guilt free and have a nice bowl of soup. My go to is chicken soup. Nom nom nom.

004: Hygge activities:
Apart from indulging and gorging on treats, grabbing a favourite book, listening to music or painting nails are super calming. I love choosing a chunky novel that will keep me going for at least a month so I can look forward to picking it up in my hygge moments. Putting your phone down is advised so your brain can relax - it's hard when you want to check up on your blog or Instagram but it will also help you sleep.

005: Other Hygge related activities and seasons:

  • Christmas - hooray! The best one of all!
  • Baking - the longer the preparing the better as taking it slow is key
  • Sundays - but we knew that anyway...
  • Birthdays - yup that's right! Your special day is so very hygge

Will you be trying to bring Hygge into your home??

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  1. Waa I need to try to do these things. thanks for sharing :)


  2. I've never heard of it before, sounds pretty cool though, very comfy and cosy! x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

    1. I know right and me neither up until recently :D

  3. Hygge is something I've seen popping up from a lot of bloggers and I'm so interested by it, I really need to pick up the book - loved this post Fran!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you Lucy! I got the book for £10 from Waterstones, it was actually quite easy to get hold of! :)

  4. I'm so intrigued with this whole hygge thing. It sounds just heavenly!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. It oh so is! There's nothing better than having a bowl of soup under a blanket with the fire on and a good tv show or film on! :D


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