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Why you should read the third installment

If you haven't heard about Zoe's book series Girl Online, have you been living under a rock? (It's ok if you have, I won't judge!) Zoe released the third instalment last Thursday and I was majorly excited being the fangirl I am... (I'm such Zoella trash it's unreal) But I never rushed out to get it as I was busy. Luckily I didn't have time though, because while having a peruse through Waterstone's Piccadilly, I found the LAST FEW signed copies of the book. Yeh, I squealed inside and it made my Saturday. Also, shout out to the lovely girl who showed me where they were... I'm forever grateful! Anyways, I've just finished the book and holy moly was it a good'un. Totally not being biased here.

It's actually easy to forget that such a person like Zoe with a brand as big as Zoella, has written this book. You just fall in love with the characters, the way Brighton is described and the whole plot. I'm a sucker for intense books like A Little Life but every once in a while, it's nice to feel cosy and cheer yourself up with a lighthearted read.

If you're not familar with the whole story so far, seeing as this is the third book, here's the description off Waterstones! (Because they're better at describing it than me haha)

"Penny Porter is single. That’s right, Girl Online 3 sees our plucky protagonist, Penny, facing the world alone. Contrary to expectation, she has not gone back to her handsome YouTuber and pop sensation ex-boyfriend Noah Flynn. But then, she couldn’t even if she wanted to; Noah not only ended his tour early, he has gone AWOl. No one, not even Penny, knows where he has gone. Back home and alone, with the school year about to start, Penny is unsure what she should do next; so she accepts an invitation from her frenemy Megan to visit her performing arts school. The arts school is the perfect distraction. She can make new friends and find solace helping others. Elliot needs Penny now more than ever and her new Friend Posey is struggling with Stage Fright. But soon another character begins to capture her imagination: charming Scottish boy Callum… Penny must figure out whether the arts school crowd are the right kind of distraction after all and if she can truly move on when Noah has cast such a long shadow over her life…"

Penny and Elliot are definitely one of my two favourite characters in teen fiction. I kind of just want to go and hang out with them in Brighton! And that, my friends, was the cheesiest sentence I've ever typed in a post. Back to the whole book, even if it's for teens, there's some important things that Zoe puts in there that we can take away for ourselves. Like gaining confidence and about friendships. These are not just for young girls, because I sure as heck can learn from them myself. So, do make this next on your to read list, a book like this helps you to forget about the world...

Have you picked up Girl Online Going Solo yet??


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  1. Love this post! I ordered the book now I have all three, but I'm yet to read them, ahh, I'm the worst when it comes to reading books! Need to step up and give these a read!

    1. Thank you! Get on them asap! You won't regret it! :D x

  2. I haven't read any of her books even though I love Zoella, but now maybe I will!

    1. What?! Pick them up now! They're so good and hard to put down! xx

  3. I've only read the first book of this trilogy and I actually quite liked it, probably should read the other two haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I love the first book - especially because it's set at Christmas haha


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