Sunday Snuggle Down #36


It's the Sunday before Christmas!

I wasn't planning on writing this post this week, as I came down with a fever this morning BUUT I'm feeling so so much better this evening! This week has been pretty amazing in terms of how 2016 is ending... I SAW THE 1975 AT THE O2 AND IM STILL NOT OVER IT. You can see the vlog at the end of this post, because it was the best night ever and I love the band so so much. And now it's exactly a week till Christmas and I can't get my head around that either... Though, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's look at the blog posts I've been absorbing this week...

  • Rather than starting off with a blog post, I want you guys to check out a whole blog. Hannah Gale's to be exact. Her writing is so down to earth and the whole layout with the photos is just gorgeous - I could spend hours reading it!
  • Jess brings a Too Faced palette review, and it's to die for. I actually want it because it's just too beautiful ahh. *Plans out looks before even purchasing it*
  • Need more Christmas in your life than you can shake a cinnamon stick at? Fear not! Sarah has a little photo diary of sorts about decorating her tree. And it's goals.
  • Want to jazz up your hot chocolates before the month is over, then check out Corrie's easy recipes! They all sound so so good, but I think I'll opt for the first one...
  • Here's a clean minimal interior post for you all. And it's so perfect that I would move out of my home and into it. The only problem? It needs MORE plants.
  • Don't you hate it when a long lasting nail paint chips off the next day? Because same. So, here's a post to read about colours that actually last on your nails... *fingers crossed*
The 1975 concert vlog:

How was your week my lovely readers??


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  1. Hannah Gale is such an amazing blogger! Love her x

    1. Thanks for introducing me to her and her blog :D

  2. I saw the 1975 at the o2 on friday and it was just the best concert I've ever been to!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. OMG were you seated or standing??


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