Which Christmas Chocolates Are The Best?

by - 17.12.16

It's the battle of the snack favourites!

There's nothing better than it coming to December and all the selection boxes of chocolates appear in huge piles in the supermarket. To me, they are the epitome of cosy nights in and Christmas Eve! If you don't have a box saved for the night before Christmas while you binge watch festive films and tv specials with the family, then what are you doing??!! I thought I would take three classic favourites and pit them against each other and see what comes on top... With a snazzy five candy cane rating system hehe.

001: Cabury Heroes:
These are defo my favourites at this time of year, but not what I would relate to Christmas with. I love the fact that there's creme eggs added in, but there's not enough! Cadbury generally is my bae for chocolate fixes all year round. In this, not one chocolate goes uneaten, there's none that I avoid with a passion. (Omg the caramels though! Nom nom nom!) Therefore, this gets all the candy canes from me!

002: Cadbury Roses:
Now this is one that I'm sitting on the fence with. I'm finding I am liking them more as the years go on BUT I absolutely hate the strawberry, orange and I'm not a big fan of the espresso ones - even though I love coffee. The others are pretty good though, but I'm don't want to eat all of them in one go like the heroes, because they are slightly sickly. But I suppose guys, that is a good thing. This is one of those boxes that I will only eat if I was gifted them, other than that, I would'nt spend a penny on them, so this one is getting three candy canes.

003: Nestle Celebrations:
This is the box of chocolates that reminds me of snuggly Christmas Eves with the family. You've got all the faves like Maltesers (OH YES!), Galaxy, Snickers, Mars, Milky Way (Yaay!), etc. Though much like Roses, there's some I don't like, like Bounty, which I pass on to my mum, and Snickers, which go to my dad. Apart from that, I LOVE everything else, though why can't they have more Maltesers and Twixes than the others? *Sad face* Therefore, this one is getting four candy canes.

Comment below your favourite chocolates!


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  1. I think celebrations are my fave! But my real fave are those Guillian seashell chocolates MMMmmmMMM have you ever had those?

    1. Omg yess I forget about those and I actually get a box every Christmas haha (they're the best and I try not to eat the whole box in one go!)

  2. I am usually a Roses girl but this year Cadbury's Heroes are definitely a winner in my book :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. Ooh yes! I think when they added creme egg to the mix a couple of years back, that's when they fully won my heart <3

  3. The infamous christmas chocolate debate, we always have this argument in the family haha - my favourite have to be cadbury's heros, second quality street! I truly hate roses, although I do love the strawberry and orange ones haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. My dad had a jokey go at me the other day because I bought a Heroes box and a Celebrations box, and he wanted me to get two Celebrations because he doesn't like Heroes haha (Strawberry is actually my least favourite, I'm all about the caramel and toffee)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*