The Guide To A Perfect Christmas Pamper Evening


Prepare for an evening of festive goodness

If there's one thing that I relish during this cheerful season. It's a pamper routine with a difference. You've got your usual skincare and bath choices, but it's all festive and cute like an elf has sprinkled some Christmas magic all over it. Yeah, I am kind of refering to the fact that to make this the ultimate pamper evening fit for the week of Christmas, you're gonna need some Lush products and seasonal goodies filled with gingerbread and other familiar December scents... Have no idea what to use?? Fear not, I am here to save the day with my guide and recommendations from your bath choice to evening entertainment... So let's get into it! (PS. scroll down to the end, and there's my pamper evening video you can watch to see all the magic in action!!)

001: Making your face as soft as snow...
It's skincare first and what better way to kick off the evening than taking all the dirt and makeup off from the day. The products I use are the Simple dual effect eye makeup remover, Garnier micellar water and the Lush 9 to 5 cleanser which acts as a double cleanser. Once that is done (which I strangely really enjoy doing), you can slap on a mask of your choice which you'll leave on while you soak in the suds. Choose one depending on your skin type and needs, though Lush face masks are ALWAYS the best - says the hardcore obsessed girl. I went for the Love Lettuce face mask. Which doesn't have lettuce in, but it does have almond shells to exfoliate and lavender to calm the skin. It's for all skin types, and because mine is normal, I just wanted to perk it up a bit. After your bath, remove and use a toner and your preferred moisturiser. Of course, again, I use Lush *everyone rolls their eyes* and it's the Tea Tree Water toner and Vanishing Cream moisturiser that I reach for.

002: Help your skin to smell like Christmas...
The main step in a pamper evening, especially when it's before the big day, is a bath. Now, be wise in your choices because this will set the mood for the whole evening. Therefore, the best choice is to create what I call a 'bath cocktail' this is when you take a bath bomb and a bubble bar that compliment each other in sight and smell, and stick it in one bath. I chose two products from the Lush Christmas range. (I promise you I'm not sponsored by them ok?? I just LOVE the brand!) For the bubbles: Magic Wand bubble bar - which is Snow Fairy scented and for the fizz: So White bath bomb. That smells like apples and goes well with the bubble bar as it's sweetly scented. Add them together and voila! A Christmas bath!

003: The gradual wind down ie. moisturising and eating your body weight in chocolate...
It's not over yet after the absorbtion of all the heavenly festive smells, you still need to continue on until you're ready for sleep. I love to use a favourite body lotion to slather myself in, and then put on cosy flannel pjs and head to a room of relaxation. So, I use Lush's Sleepy body lotion - which is Twilight scented ahh. And I've been wearing my Cath Kidston Christmas pjs to death recently, but their just sooo cosy. I then want to pamper the inside of my body, after using the Zoella Beauty gingerbread scented Hungry Hands hand cream (which I could eat), so I just grab a load of Christmas selection chocolates in a bowl, switch on my laptop and watch a Christmas movie or Vlogmas while munching on them. My current choice is Heroes, and I've been obsessed with Zoe's vlogmas. (As always duh #imzoellatrash)

Obviously you can (1.) create mood lighting in your room by just having fairy lights and your Christmas tree as the light sources to make it cosy or (2.) just spend the rest of the evening with your family. Below is the pamper video where I show you everything I use, and I hope you guys enjoy taking some inspiration! xx

The pamper routine video:

What are your favourite products for a festive pamper?


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  1. a lush bath and comfort food is a must for any pamper. otherwise its not a pamper.


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