Beauty Products That Are Actual Drugstore Gems


Beauty bits that are worth the fuss

The other day I started to write down some products that I wanted to get, a couple were high end, and then I realised I've got a few beauty products that I haven't reached for in aaggeeesss. It was a bit like that moment in cartoons, when the character realises something and their eyes just bulge out. That was basically me. So, I dug them out and I've been using most of these for almost a week straight - and it was only right for me to bring them to your attention again...

001: Sleek Vintage Romance eyeshadow palette:
I bought this nearly a year ago... ahh how time flies! And this has some of the prettiest shades you can get in a drugstore palette. They are creamy, pigmented and easily blendable - plus for £8 you can't go wrong. And as it's winter, these colours suit the season so well. I've heard other bloggers compare these to Urban Decay, which is a big statement to make. So, I'm very happy this is in my collection - the metallics actually go soo well with the purples.

002: Sleek cream contour palette:
I usually reach for my Seventeen powder contour palette, but after getting this out again, I think I've finally got the hang of applying and blending cream contours. Hint: it's so much easier by using your fingers! They come out harsh on the skin (I have it in light) but once blended they give a lovely colour and contour to your face! *poses in front of mirror to admire 5* contour*

003: Soap & Glory Glow All Out highlight stick:
I was obsessed with this when it was first released because it kept selling out, and once I got my hands on it I was SOOO happy! But sadly, my Sleek highlighting palette has pushed it to my drawer. Digging it out again, it's easy to see why it was so popular. It's super pigmented, blends in well and just gives the most amazing highlight. Basically, it's a spot on dupe of the NARS Copacabana highlighting stick - so you're saving £17!

004: Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation:
My favourite ever drugstore foundation. Since starting my blog, I've raved on about this till the cows came home. I've tried other brands in the drugstore, but I always find myself going back to this. It's high coverage yet buildable and adds a perfect slight colour to my face. This product is the reason why I probably won't ever buy a high end alternative. It's just too good!

005: NYX Exotic Lingerie lipstick:
One of the newer additions, and one I've already not used as much as I've liked. But once I got used to the mouse like texture and have figured out how to build this liquid lipstick, I actually really love it! It's a lovely nude colour and dries well without looking really streaky. A perfect alternative to high end liquid lipsticks yay.

What products have you fallen in love with again?


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  1. I use this rimmel foundation daily!! It comes in a shade enough pale enough and gives me enough coverage, love it!! Lovely post btw xx

    1. thank you! I generally think it's one of the best x

  2. That Rimmel foundation is my favourite drugstore foundation too! I absolutely love everything about it, and I use it almost everyday:)

    Emily xo

    1. It's literally my holy grail and nothing will come close to being as good as it haha

  3. The NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are just great! It is true that you have to get used to the texture to apply it correctly, but once you've mastered it it's just such an easy product to use for every day looks! I love the shade Ruffle Trim, it's a nude with a beige/orange undertone :)

    Julia x
    Last post: OOTD - Cable Knit |

    1. Today is like the fourth day running I've worn it and it doesn't come off either! :D

  4. I loove the Sleek eyeshadow palettes! It's been my go-to eyeshadows for years now

    Hannah xx

    1. They're just the best plus the packaging doesn't feel really cheap! If buy all of them but I don't have room in my drawer lmao

  5. I keep meaning to pick up a sleek eye palette - love their highlighting palette!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. There's so many to choose from you'll be spoilt omg :D


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