I Heart Makeup vs Too Faced: The Sweet Peach Battle


Dun dun duuun!

I'm sorry guys, I had to type that haha. As you can tell by the title, this post is all about the new cult beauty favourite: The Sweet Peach palette and its drugstore dupe (sister??) the Chocolate and Peaches palette. I got the I Heart Makeup one for Christmas, and I snapped up the real deal the other day. Yaaaay. See my full on ranty post about how excited I was here. And today, my friends, I thought it was about to time to put them to the test... Minus the swatch photos of the products because I'm a bad blogger. (But if you've read my blog for a long time, you should know I'm not one to spout bull**** about things I'm reviewing - so you can take my pure word for it!) So, without further ado, let's get down to the main event... Ladies and Gentlemen, which palette will come up top?? Let's find out!

001: I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette:
First up, let's start with the drugstore dupe... I'm quite surprised how this brand has got away with their chocolate palettes so far, because they're literally producing cheaper versions of the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes! The packaging is simple and fun with the melted chocolate effect and doesn't look 'cheap drugstore' - well, it's not cardboard or tacky plastic if you know what I mean. So far so good. BUT! There is a massive but, so massive that I typed it in capitals.

All the other palettes in their range are pigmented and creamy to apply to the eyes, however, even though I was dying to get my hands on it, I've been left a bit deflated - like a sad balloon. Apart from the dark browns, the rest of the colours are quite dry, they're not terribly powdery, but they don't carry much pigment and I have to go in at least three times to even get good coverage on the eyes. Meeeehhhh. Though they do blend well and have some lovely shades like the pinks... I mean look at the pinks! On the plus side, you also do get a mahoosive mirror which most palettes don't provide!

002: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette:
On the other hand, spending £39, you do expect to get better quality. Let's take a moment first to look at the packaging... It's so cute and I love the little smiley peach. (Aw aw I'm dying!) This is a tin packaged palette and closes with a magnetic pull, and is also slim and easy to store. You get 18 shades in this palette compared to the IHM which contains 16, and immediately, you can see how buttery these look in the pans. There's so many pretty irridescent shades like 'Luscious' (second top left) and both the pinks and the gold look better than the drugstore. I was so excited to try it when I first got it, during the first day, I just randomly kept going to my draw and opening it and staring at the colours, then putting it back. You can totally judge me if you want.

So, application time! *whips out eyeshadow brush like a sword* This is the part where you'll be blown away like a strong winter wind. This is the best palette I have eveeerrr spent my hard earned money on!!! Yeah, I'm so excited I did it italics. Compared to the drugstore dupe, you only need a tiny swipe on the pan and mounds of pigment catches on the brush and it glides onto the eyelid like a dream. It's super buttery and easy to blend. I can't praise this palette enough but all the shades don't compare to the Chocolate and Peaches palette and I'm already worried about if I can get another one after this is used up.

003: The Verdict!:
Sometimes guys, saving up that bit extra, you do really pay for good quality. No wonder every blogger loves this as much as I do. Sure, the drugstore version isn't entirely bad, but you do need to work extra on application. I'm still so so grateful for receiving this, don't get me wrong. But in all honesty, the colour pay off and finish from the Sweet Peach makes me want to hug it forever... I crown the Too Faced the winner!

Have you guys ever bought a dupe and a real deal?


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  1. I don't own either (worst blogger ever haha), but I think I would go for the Heart Makeup one, mainly because there not shades I would get much use from. I do love the formula of Too Faced shadows though and agree sometimes a splurge is def worth it

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. aww no you're not a bad blogger!! :( if there's not many shades then defo go for the I Heart Makeup one xx

  2. I seriously need the sweet peach palette in my life, honestly it looks absolutely gorgeous - I'm usually prefer to save up for the 'real thing' but theres nothing wrong with a good old dupe!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Four words: YES YOU NEED IT!!

  3. I prefer Too Faced too! ♥ Great post, thanks for sharing!


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx