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Getting ready to slay in Spring!

The last time I did an outfit post was when we were on the brink of hitting Autumn... Damn. Soo I thought it was about time to update my fashion side of the blog, because I bet you didn't think I was the fashion conscious sort hahaha I'm kind of not but I'm trying... Apologies for the weird editing but the sun was low and there were lens flares (I think that makes the title of this post perfect - which is a homage to my fave Katy Perry song!) But who cares because I think it creates a cool effect anyway.

This outfit is the PERFECT transition into Spring. You've still got your ripped jean effects and covered arms but it's time to lose the coat because that's so last Winter. Though in all honesty, when I was shooting this it was freeeeezziiinnnggg.

I literally love this fish shirt from Zara because it's out there - but not too much. If you've seen my previous outfit posts, you will know I love pieces that are unique and eye catching. Normally Zara are pretty good with their 'out there' things but it all seems to be blouses and pretty ruffle shirts which look really strange on me. Meh.

The vertical stripes are really flattering and the shirt is perfectly oversized. I had to opt for an XS because it literally is an oversized style shirt haha. They can go perfectly with mom jeans and dungarees, which is what I've teamed them up with. They're also a new purchase as I've been dying to get dungarees for a year, but I've never found the perfect ones. Until now. These babies are from H&M and are soft, not skin tight and the rips aren't too exaggerated. Perfect.

And I've also finished it off with my favourite £1 Primark sunglasses (yep, that's right), Cath Kidston high tops - which are just so damn pretty and I can't wait to get a foot shot of them next to daffodils and my beloved Marc B bag. Which I've said in a previous post about how its such a perfect Mulberry Lily dupe.

Hopefully you'll see me in more snazzy Spring outfits soon, but for now I'll be wearing these to death...

Have you guys bought anything for Spring?


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  1. Absolutely love this outfit Fran, you look amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Ahh thank you! It's legit my new favourite! I'm trying to find clothes now that will go with everything rather than it just being pretty and only going with one outfit - I think these two pieces defo do that! :)

  2. The shirt look so lovely, I like it ♥
    Beautiful combined with the overall denim!

    1. Aw thank you so much! I'm still pretty much obsessed with it :P


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