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Well, what do you know? I've decided to write a more personal blogging life post because I feel like I've sadly neglected this side of my blog. *Gives it a bit of dusting* It's a bit like avoiding that one sweet in the selection box and you don't really like haha.

I used to write these sorts of posts aaaalll the time when I was in year 13, but now that I'm happy where I am in terms of my job, mentally and with what I'm generally doing, I didn't ever feel the need to write anymore.

BUTTT it's time to get a little personal up in here. :)
Sooo I've been blogging for three years now and I still haven't come to a decision whether to officially have a blog email. I created one because I thought it would be fun and my blogging pal said it's good for growing your blog and all that. What I didn't expect is to get all these random emails on subjects that I've never blogged about in my life. Do they actually read my blog?? Why would I want to write a post on date tips if I've never ever ever ever been on a date? Who knows.

And even if I did accept one offer, I learnt from Blogosphere that I had to declare it in a tax reform because after that my blog is considered a business. Er what? Now this has officially thrown me off, so I've temporarily taken it down and I need you guys to help me because now I have no clue what I'm doing, but I want to do all the cool bloggy bits. So please comment and help me...

I put in an insta caption ages ago that looking at other bloggers and what they're doing and achieving makes me get all the fuzzies. Which is true, because even if they have a bajillion followers and don't know of my existence, it makes me feel proud to be a blogger, and it's just the coolest hobby ever! I've probably written countless posts on why it's so amazing, though right now looking at the content I'm writing, I couldn't be happier where I am now.

So, aside from the whole blog email and tax fear, it's going great! I've met amazing people, and I could potentially meet even more this year.

Here's a few things why I love my blog: (and I hope you guys can get inspo to see what you love!)

  • My header: It's so pretty and and it's right on brand with what my blog is about - even if I have a brand.
  • My photos: I really feel my photos are brighter and prettier compared to last year and it makes my blog look much cleaner and nicer. Yay.
  • My social media: Interacting more with other bloggers on twitter, trying to make my insta theme on point and promoting my blog posts more. It's all so much more fun this way!
  • You guys!: Not meaning to end this post on a soppy cliche, but this blog wouldn't be here without you! So thanks for reading, commenting on my posts and just being amazing!
Without putting a damper on this whole post, the real question in this post is: Should I keep my blog email and how the heck do I even do the tax form thing??

Comment below one thing you love about your blog! :)


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  1. Fran, I adore your blog and your writing style is so good! I have a blog email, and this whole tax reclaim thing, I've never heard of before and don't do it so I mean?! Maybe I should look into that...

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know I say it all the time, but thank you so much Lucy! I love your blog too!! I've never accepted any offers but I don't know if brands are more likely to offer payment or want free sponsorships?? xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx