Sunday Snuggle Down #50


Bring on the summer!!

I know the weather hasn't been too good recently in London but I'm dyyiinnggg for one of the best seasons of all to come! (Especially now that all the blossom had disappeared for another year nooo) So, let's appreciate this throwback pic of my favourite CK espadrilles gracing Brighton beach...

Apart from my wistful mood, this week has been full of work - as per usual - and finishing off my mountains of Easter chocolate that's been accumulated haha. And if you're wondering, the Easter cake that I baked last weekend was soooo good nom nom. But anyways, I've also enjoyed reading blog posts from my fave bloggers, and hurrah we've reached 50 posts! I hope you guys get loads of inspo and love them as much as I do as these will hopefully that little bit extra special! Enjoy and have a lovely weekend! :)
  • Even though the blossom is just about gone, this year's will not be forgotten. I sound so morbid I'm sorry but look no further than Carrie's post for a photo extravaganza of pink pretty flowers!
  • Wondered when you should throw away old makeup or how long a mascara should really last? This post from Jasmine is a handy little guide to how long you should keep products for! It's a beauty lover's life saver!
  • Spa posts are a guilty pleasure, and Sophie's looks and sounds like an absolute dream... Someone come with me on a retreat please...
  • The blogging community exploded last weekend, and not for a positive reason. The most real and honest post I've found is from Zoe London about the whole issue. And I think she really highlights on how we all felt about fake blogging.
  • Like I probably say in every Sunday post... Ok, maybe I do. But I love photo diary posts and Elizabeth's is pretty, pink and the idea of weekend comforts!
  • Nowadays it can be hard to get blogging motivation, and Harriet gives her view on the subject. I could never relate to a post as much as this - a literal must read.
  • Ever wanted to start a travel journal, or suddenly succumbed to the idea?? Here's a few handy ideas on how to create and jazz up your own!!
  • A gal can never have enough beauty tips, and Mandy has 50 up her sleeve! Think of anything to do with beauty and skincare, and it's in her post...
  • I couldn't not write this Sunday post without sharing the annual Blogger's Market post from Olivia! I was dying to go this year but alas I was working meh. But I got by with this post of gorgeous photos that I can stare at and imagine I was there!
How was your weekend my lovely readers?


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  1. Whoa I love how you're spreading the blogger love with this post! Off to check out a few of those links :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Aww thank you! I'm glad you really enjoyed reading it xx

  2. I finished off my Easter chocolate embarrassingly quickly. I'm itching for summer to arrive!

    1. Oh wow, I'm about to crack into my family pack of mini eggs tonight! :'D


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