Sunday Snuggle Down #48


Stalk the pretty flowers day

Happy Sunday dear readers! Let's admit it. At any opportunity we get at the weekend (or any other day) we make it our mission to find pretty flowers and blossom and take pictures of them. C'mon it's gonna make our insta theme on point and in with the season! And aside from me doing that this week - spot the mini daisies in this pic - I relished in my early finishes and relaxed in the sun and also knocked out two videos for my YouTube channel. I'm on a roll guys!

I also discovered the existence of Pret's delicious flat breads and omg it's changed my life. Obviously I picked out the coriander though. Ew. And I also had multiple blog reading sessions... And these lovely six blog posts are the ones that stuck with me. So, as always, sit back, chill with a smoothie or drink of choice and enjoy... They're good'uns!

  • The Easter holidays are coming and it's the perfect time to gather round friends and family. And if you're planning or thinking about a staycation, then check out Elizabeth's helpful tips!
  • We ALL love Too Faced and there's a new palette in town. Pretty? Check. Neutral colours? Check. Jess gives a review on it and it's literally going straight on my April wish list...
  • If you're a big diy-er and looking for a challenge this weekend? Why not try these pretty soy candles? I would for sure be all over this if I had the time to make some haha.
  • And if you're more of a baker - like moi here. Then you'll LOVE this super easy and delicious looking cinnamon rolls recipe from Katie! (I'm just salivating looking at the pictures...)
  • I'm all over food review posts and this one looks pretty good. Rachel visits a cute gluten free cafe with a pal, and all the pics, let me tell you, look veeerryy insta worthy holy moly.
  • Stuck on blog post ideas for the coming week? Don't fear! Rebecca has some ideas on a few things to do when this happens. Hopefully these will defo jog your creative juices!

What blog posts have you guys been loving this week?


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  1. Gonna have a read of all these posts now - still loving your sunday snuggle down's Fran!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! And I'm glad because I'm not getting tired of writing them hehe x


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