The Songs You Need To Hear For The Sunny Days


Sweet songs for your ears

If there's something you guys should know, it's this. I LOVE writing music posts on this blog, but they're a bit like Nutella for me. It's nice now and then as a treat, but if it's eaten (or typed) aaaall the time, then it becomes a bit too much and sickly. That's why I've decided to write one blog post every season, and by all means feel free to check out the whole tag here.

And today, I thought I would bring some fresh spring/summery songs to your attention. There's a few chart toppers - because for some reason, I'm getting back into the charts again - and there's a couple of unreleased rares. Oooohh.

Sooo, settle down and treat your ears to the best music this world has to offer. I just hope that we both have the same music taste haha.

001: Gameshow / Two Door Cinema Club
002: Green Light / Lorde
003: Milk / The 1975
004: Rockabye / Clean Bandit
005: Chained To The Rhythm / Katy Perry
007: Love / Lana Del Rey
008: Castle On The Hill / Ed Sheeran
009: Handsome / The Vaccines

What songs have you been listening to recently?


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  1. Milk by The 1975 will forever be one of my happy songs, absolutely love it!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Even though I love their albums with all my heart, there's something special about their unreleased and early EPs!


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