How To Get The Inspiration You Need For Your Blog


Write posts like there's no tomorrow!

Time and time again I've written posts about blogging and I thought I'd hit on the subject of actually getting inspiration on topics you want to write about. Because everyone HATES writer's block.

If I could, I would throw it in a chest, put it in a deep hole and cover it forever... But I can't.

Soo, when it does come around, especially for me. It's time to strap in and get inspiration like there's no tomorrow! I've got a few tips up my sleeve which can help you guys and this will probably be a post I'll return to myself haha.

001: Have a blog reading session. I'm not encouraging you to straight up copy another blogger's post. But if you take a few minutes to sift through your blog feed, you might see something that can spark an idea. E.g. a girl did a post on how to care for plants, and it hit me that I should do a post on why plants are not just good blog props.

002: See what's happening in your area. London especially is full of exciting places to visit. There's LOADS of coffee bars, restaurants and even cool events going on. i.e. the Chelsea Flower Show. Soo if something fits in with what you and your blog is all about, go there, take photos and write about it.

003: Plan a trip somewhere to get the most photo opportunities. Not only can you store them for future posts, but you could do a travel photo diary or outfit shoot! My personal favourites are of course blogger cliches like Notting Hill (for Farm Girl and the market) and Brighton (oh my the pretty lanes, seafront and ice cream!) But I would love to go to Margate for all the vintage shops and Dreamland!

004: Any new products you would want to share? You may not have bought them for blogging, but maybe your readers would be interested to hear what you say about a new cleanser. I've got a couple of birthday gifts I'm yet to blog about! And if you've got new fashion, show it off like I did in my last post.

005: Ask your readers on social media! If you've tried all of the above but wrung out of ideas like a damp cloth. (Sorry for the imagery) Then use social media to your advantage! Ask your readers what they want you to write about... Twitter polls is a life saver and as long it's in your means, you'll probably be flooded with ideas!

006: Check out Pinterest! I'm OBSESSED with Pinterest. Though I've been pretty inactive on it lately. Meh. But I always find whenever I go back on there, I can find inspo somewhere... I get a lot of travel pins like a pic of pizza with the caption 'Where to eat in New York' and that gives me inspiration on where to eat in London. Which is a legit post coming soon!! It just proves you can get ideas in the most random places haha.

Where do you guys go to get blog inspiration?


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  1. I go through periods of great inspiration and then periods of absolutely nothing.

    Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for me too! As well as just everyday inspirations!

    The key for me is when inspiration strikes, take hold of it and write, write and write.


    1. that's exactly the right way to think! Otherwise I'd just forget what I've thought about haha xx

  2. I've been struggling for inspiration recently so this has been so helpful. Pinterest here I come! 💛

    1. Aww you're welcome lovely xx

  3. This is a really good post! I always plan days out depending of what photos I can get haha x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. I do that sometimes, or I look at what photos I want to take and try and plan posts around them haha x


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