That Moment When You Realise You're A Legit Blogger


And you're so happy about it!

I reeaalllyy wanted to use this pic for a blog post, but I didn't know what topic to base it on. And then it hit me. This was taken in Camden last week, I was with my dad and I spotted this wall and my literal words were ' Dad, can you take a pic of me in front of this wall for my Instagram?' And then there was me trying to pose and still look photogenic while this couple patiently waited at the side for their turn.

If that's not the ultimate blogger thing you can do then I don't know what is...

I've been blogging for three years now (wtf) and if you haven't noticed, I feel like I'm finally coming into my form. Well, it's taking me two and a half years but we're getting there guys!

And in that time, I've realised a few things. I'm an actual blogger. I'm not a try hard but fails one but nor am I one that trails around with a huge DSLR for good outfit and food shots. You can rely on a trusty iPhone for those.

I may as well list all the other moments when you go 'damn!' and realise you're a blogger...

  • Taking loads of pics of your coffee to get the most aesthetic angle. And then it goes bubbly.
  • Also, taking loads of pics of your pretty food and then it goes slightly cold!
  • Or people start staring at you, as you rearrange the whole table to get that 'perfect shot'
  • Making a reflector out of kitchen foil to get the most amount of natural light on your flatlay
  • Trying to describe the angle of the shot you want of yourself to a non-blogger friend when you want them to take pictures of you in front of something instagrammable. Oh the pain.
  • Which outfit should I wear today in case we stumble upon a cute location?
  • Going to a shop (ie. an ice cream parlor) just for the photos and aesthetic... Farm Girl I'm looking at you...
  • Buying products you don't ACTUALLY need but you just want to review. On the plus side, nine times out of ten you end up loving them!
  • Starting to plan out your entiirreeee instagram feed and it kills your heart if you get it wrong

What other things do you do that make you realise?


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  1. Love this shot of you! Trying to get a non-blogger to take a blog-friendly shot is SO awkward, haha!


  2. awww this is such a pretty pic!! I always have to tell the other person to stand there whilst I take a picture of them. Then I'm like 'see how i want it? take a pic EXACTLY like this please!!'
    Emily Jane 

    1. I should have said that to my dad... It's the power of editing because I had to zoom in on this pic haha

  3. This is one of my favourite pics of you!

    1. Aww Vicky!! You've made my evening by saying that :D xx

  4. Love this picture Fran - why have I never thought about using foil as a reflector?!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. Using foil as a reflector is so funny, v clever x

    Leah x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx