Get The Glowing Dewy Look With These Highlighters


Be a goddess this Summer...

The news is in! The dewy look is back for the warmer months and that means that shine on your face is desirable woo hoo. And that also means we can go hard on the highlighter and apply it EVERYWHERE!

Highlighters are probably my holy grail beauty products - after concealer of course. They just manage to give you the healthy glow you need and they come in soooo many colours and in two forms: cream or powder.

I've got the best of the best from the drugstore that I'm here to present to you today. So grab your purse because you're going to want to run out to Boots and Superdrug after reading this...

001: MUA Undress Your Skin: This is the newest one to my collection and I never thought to try anything from the brand until recently. (I have only ever had one nail paint from them which was a dark purple when I was in my 'I read Kerrang! every week and listen to bands like MCR and Black Veil Brides' time of my life. And fyi I still listen to them now haha. ANYWAYS. This highlighter is just so good! It's got golden undertones, is pigmented and is amazing for those days when you want to have a natural looking makeup day and want to focus more on the highlight.

002: Soap & Glory Glow All Out: Everyone and their dog knows that this one is a dupe of NARS' Copacabana (I've even said this about a million times in other posts...) And I HAD to hunt it down when it came out. For some reason you can only buy this one online, but if you do, you'll fall in love with its creamy texture that blends in so well, and gives a more subtle pink toned highlight so you give more attention to your eyeshadow and lipstick.

003: Benefit High Beam: Ok, I admit to you guys I don't use this one as much anymore and it's probably out of date oops. But when I do it's to give some pow to my cheeks. If you use other highlighters for your brow bone and nose, then this would be perfect for your cheeks. This one is a liquid one but it's not too runny and you only need a few drops, blendy blendy and then ultimate cheek bone highlight!

004: Sleek Solstice: This iridescently pretty palette is the ONE if you're looking for a few highlighters for each part of your face. There's a lovely cream one for your brow bone, the purple one is just epic for your cheek bones and the yellow and orange ones are great for your nose and cupid's bow. It's legit my favourite one out of all of these and I love using it for my every day makeup looks because I get sooo many compliments from people about it.

What's your favourite highlighters at the moment?


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  1. Ugh I'm so tempted now to buy one of these. Highlighters is such a great way to give our face the right shine we need to look like we have healthy and happy skin. Very pretty for summer, indeed!

    Love, Fads

    1. it really is, that's the only good thing about this hot weather in London haha

  2. The one from Sleek looks great :)

    1. It's literally my holy grail of all the highlighters tbh

  3. The Sleek palette looks so pretty! I recently hot the Spring Strobe Spectrum palette by Zoeva and I love it. The colors in it are really fun!

    1. Ooh that does sound amazing just by reading the name! :D


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx