How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee At Home


A homemade caffeine fix!

There's nothing better in the warmer months than getting an iced caffeine fix amiright? And what can be even better is making one in the comfort of your own home! I KNOW!

It's time, my friends to feed your addiction and thank the coffee gods that it is within your reach. It's pretty simple and can be done first thing in the morning to wake yourself up, or in the afternoon when you want to chill in the garden with a book.

I swear by this and it's the best thing I've discovered since the invention of sliced bread. And even though I rely on my trusty Dolce Gusto machine and Americano coffee pods (totally not sponsored to put this in - I promise!), you can use whatever coffee you want. Sooo, shall we get into it?

001: You will need:

a tumbler (preferable a Starbucks one)
cubed ice
a coffee machine or brewer
coffee (Americano pods or granules)
milk of your choice
a hunger for caffeine

002: Method:

1. Pour your milk to about halfway in your cup
2. Make the coffee (whether you get it from your machine or with a peculator)
3. The pour the coffee - or process through the machine on cold - till the cup is full
4. Add the ice cubes, plop in a straw and enjoy!
5. Of course if you have any coffee syrup or anything, feel free to add that as well!

What's your favourite homemade summer drink recipe?


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