Sunday Snuggle Down #55


The 'I'm defo staying in the sun all day' day!

Whew, the week has flown by hasn't it and it seems my life has taken a wonderful unexpected plot twist! I mentioned it on twitter the other day, but I'm going to hold off before I actually talk about what's going on till next month... Sorry not sorry. Also, it seems London has become LA as I'm typing this, it's already nearly 20 degrees, and it's going to go even higher. Am I living in a parallel universe? No? Ok...

This week's blog post picks has also given way to some sudden blog post inspiration. (Not that I'm planning to copy these ideas, but I've made myself have a sit down and I've got some corkers coming your way!) And now on to the actual posts which are a nice little mix from lifestyle to even skincare! Settle down with an iced tea/coffee and get stuck in!

  • In need of a refresh in your skincare routine, then look no further than Charlotte's review on Clinique cleansing milk. Which sounds just as nice as it probably is...
  • Harriet has written an amazing post on being confident in yourself. Even though I've touched upon it myself, you need to give her one a read!
  • Ever have a down day? Because same. Kirstie has a lovely list of all the films that you need to see that will guarantee to lift your mood! I can already see a couple of my faves.
  • Dewy looks are in for the summer! Aaaayyy. And Amy has a beautiful look to give you guys some inspiration to create your own. It's all about the glow glow glow.
  • Baking is the best part of any Sunday. Let's be real. Rebecca has fourteen amazing recipes to get you in the mood to create something sweet and yummy!
  • Need help utilising the natural lighting in your room/flat/home when blogging? Mandy has some tips up her sleeve to help you get the most out of what you have - or what you can invest in!
Who's blogs have you been loving recently?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx