The Blogger's Guide To Exploring Brighton


Breathe in the sea air and get that shot!

I presume by know you know I had a day out in my favourite seaside city from the amount of instagrams I've posted... But I wanted to post them in some way on this blog because I'm pretty proud of this year's selection. Sooo I wracked my brains and came up with this little guide on exploring Brighton. BUT The Blogger Edition. With capital letters.

If you've ever wanted to go to that top destination that every blogger seems to happen to go to, here's a handy few tips on what to do and where to go. (And before you roll your eyes at me my friend, I don't love this place because of a certain few people living here, I love it because I've been with my family before a few times when I was a smol bean)

Anywaaaayss, let's get into it! And let's start off with the stereotypical activities...

001: Visit The Beach:

Once you're in Brighton, it's veeeryy important to make sure you check off the beach front and pier first! Not only is there an arcade, fun fair and cute little shops on the pier, but on the sea front, there's sooo many cute independent shops including arty shops, souvenirs and coffee bars. It's a blogger's dream.

Also, how can you not revisit your childhood by going on the carousel?? And if you dare, there's also a bungee jump. Though to be honest, every time I go there always seems to be kids on it haha. Plus there's plenty of cute quintessentially british deckchairs you can chill in while inhaling the sea air or fish and chips...

002: The Lane Photography Mission:

After hitting up the beach, the next best place to go is the lanes! Also known as 'The Laines'. (Though there's no stopping you starting here first and then going to the beach. You do you!) The lanes are FULL of cute bunting, buildings and there's even a few plant shops to get your heart excited.

My favourite place is this plant shop in the lanes near the Pavillion which also sells cacti and succulents and makes for a great foot selfie. As pictured above ft. my friend. You'll see plenty of artsy signs advertising coffee and lovely shop fronts that will for sure draw you in.

003: Shopping:

Talking of shops... There's SO many wonderful places to go you'll be spoilt for choice. My personal favourites include Magazine Brighton (pictured above) which specialise in independent magazines which also mean you can treat yourself to some gems that will also help in flatlays. This Is Not A Butcher's who do quirky little gifts and funny items - and they also recently added some Pusheen merch and vintage pins which I was ALL OVER for adding to my denim jacket.

Of course you have the usual Lush, Jack Wills, Oliver Bonas, Cath Kidston, etc. among the independents. Though if you want something truly special, you should totally go to Photomatic near the Bluebird Tea Co. It's a shop dedicated to photobooths and you can choose from any props, pose and you have some cool selfies on a vintage like strip to take home with you. I've been twice and it's perfect for adding to scrapbook memories.

004: The Colourful Outfit Shots:

What Brighton is probably most famous for is the arty walls which are hidden in the lanes and all over town. They're PERFECT for posing in front of to store for future blog posts or to do outfit of the days. This one above is actually near Oliver Bonas down a tiny alley. It was so cute I couldn't resist and dragged my friend there to take a few photos of me.

Of course you can do some research online and find out the locations of some of the best. Kind of like Pokemon Go but without catching them all, you're photographing them all. But I decided to take it chill, and if I saw one, I saw one really.

005: Foooooood:

The most important part aside from actually exploring Brighton, is finding places to eat. If you're after the usual, there's a GBK in the North Lanes (pictured above - and which was my first and it was sooo good!), by the Pavillion there's Wahaca and towards the seafront there's Pizza Express and Jamie's Italian. Or if you're after something truly Brighton, there's plenty of cafe's to go to and lovely restaurants packed full of iKea plants.

Snacking wise, there's bubble tea and my personal favourite: Boho Gelato. Since discovering this gem back in 2013, I have been there every time I visit Brighton. They do the BEST gelato ice cream ever and have sooo many flavours to choose from. It's also by the beach so you can take one down there and properly have The British Seaside Experience. After something sweeter? Choccywoccydoodah is the place to be and they have a cafe upstairs to cater to all your chocolate needs.

Where do you love to go to in Brighton?


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  1. Looks like a cool place! All your photos just make me want to go there so badly, great photography skill!

    yanrula x

    1. Aww thank you so much! :) and it really is!! xx

  2. I've wanted to go to Brighton for so so long!! Your photos look incredible, I 100% need to book a trip to Brighton x

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. Your photos are so pretty Fran, you captured Brighton beautifully - its honestly one of my favourite places to be, and I must visit Boho Gelato next time I'm there!

    Lucy | Forever September


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