New Skincare Essentials From The Lush Kitchen


Skin deserving goodness

Over the past few weeks I've been using up all my essential products (y'know, cleanser, moisturiser and the most important: body lotion!) and I really wanted to try something different. Give my skin a bit more of a pamper and get excited for new products.

Soo what a better time than now for the Lush Kitchen to release some of their exclusive products but for skincare. Naturally (geddit - because their products are natural haha I'm so not funny) I HAD to make an order and here we are. I present to you a lovely little haul of what I've picked up.

001: Spring Cleanser facial cleanser: A gal cannot live without a cleanser that will take off the rest of the day's grime and make her feeling a million bucks. Much like the Liz Earle brand, this one from Lush which is full of refreshing cucumber water and almond oil, can be used a hot cloth cleanser. It's hydrating but also very light. Perfect for if you don't want anything too heavy on the skin...

002: Sweet Asa facial moisturiser: This was a bargain if I ever saw one. I paid £8 for a 100g moisturiser. Like what. If you use their skincare, you'll know you get 45g in store for something like £12 upwards. So I'm actually really happy about this, and in the long run, I've saved myself a bit of money wooo. There's a lot of ingredients like oatmilk to sooth hydrate along with honey and fair trade shea butter. I read a review that it's similar to my current Vanishing Cream one, so I'm very excited to dive into this veeryyy soon.

003: Sex Bomb body lotion: Sex Bomb bath bomb is a Lush cult classic, and it's also very high in my top 5 lush bath bomb favourites of my life. (It's number two if you wanted to know) So when the Kitchen brought this out last week, it was like my prayers had been answered. It's packed full of jamine and clary sage, so not only will you want to forever smell your arm, the jasmine will also help calm you as it's known to help ease stress and anxiety. And that's what I need right now haha.

004: Turkish Delight shower smoothie: Did you know I have 10 shower gels and creams in my stash and I thought 'I still need another one'. But this time it's in the form of a smoothie ayyy. This one is very thick and quite solid and much of the same consistency as their D'Fluff shaving cream. And you guessed right, there's plenty of rose in there along with coconut, jasmine and neroli. A florally uplifting getaway... in the shower.

Have you guys bought anything from the kitchen?


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  1. I've never bought skincare or haircare products from Lush! Might have to investigate when I next pop in! xx

    1. Ooh you legit need to!! Also having a look on the Lush Kitchen page on their website is another good way to discover new products!! :)

  2. The sweet asa facial moisturizer sounds really nice for my dry skin x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    1. It does sound like a dream... it's sadly sold out now but hopefully in the future you can grab some!! xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx