How To Become A Real Life Unicorn With I Heart Makeup


Adding some sparkle to your look

I've already posted about highlighters in the past few days - namely the new Sleek Distorted Dreams palette... But when I was out with a friend before going out for pizza with some other friends (as you do), we ventured into Superdrug and lo and behold they had the infamous I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart highlighter in!!

I presume you know that this one has been sold out for some time, and there was three left in the store so I HAD to pick one up. There is that silent rule when there's low stock, one's meant to come home with you right?

Much like the name, this one is the most prettiest powdered highlighter in an actual rainbow. An together it creates a beautiful iridescent frosty colour that's perfect for giving that extra pop to any cool look. 

As you can see, it's actually surprisingly very pigmented i.e. you need to go light on this. I swear. This one - even at £4.99 - is not for the faint hearted. Compared to other highlighters I have which you can go lightly on and make them not so 'in your face', this one you have to careful with or you will start looking like Jack Frost from that Santa Claus movie...

That last sentence made it sound like this product is bad. Oh no, it's probably one of the best I've had, and yes it looks like a Too Faced dupe but ya gal loves a drugstore bargain, and with each colour or blended together you go from looking great to 100% slaying everyone.

I've used this twice so far and I can tell that along with my Sleek ones, this will be in my top 5 highlighters. Yes, that means I have A LOT of highlighters...

Comment below your favourite I Heart Makeup products!


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  1. The packaging is really cute!

    1. I know I'm going to take sooo many Instagrams of it haha xx


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