I Treated Myself To A Few Things And Here's The Haul


Because I'm worth it (joking)

There comes a time, my friends, when you acquire a collection of things you've bought over the past couple of weeks and realise it can materialise into a legit haul. Soo, it was only right that I should share it with you guys on my blog AND my lovely little youtube channel - which is turning two years old soon and I'm planning to do a whole post on it so keep your eyes open for that...

You'll see a few cute things a lovely theme that seems to have come about. Cats and pink to be precise. Enjoy the video and do let me know if I suit the piece of jewelry I mention in it because I REALLY want to get a real one but I need more opinions haha.

The things I bought:

Lush Tea Tree Water toner: essential to my skincare
Fake piercings: trialling out something new 
Pusheen slippers: soo cute right?
Cat keyring (gift): the cutest thing to ever grace my bag
Louise Pentland's Wilde Like Me novel: a real can't put me down book
Cath Kidston pencil case: something new and jazzy for my pencils
Zara jumper and tee shirt: being cosy and stylish is key 
Unicorn Hearts highlighter: it's just soo pretty

What have you guys picked up recently?


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  1. i have no idea why but the post title really, really tickled me. i actually giggled to myself while reading it. nothing like stating the obvious, eh?!!

    also i freakin' LOVE your light up pineapple!!!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

    1. haha thanks! I couldn't think of what to put so I just did that! I'm glad it made you laugh :'D and thank youuu - it was from Primark xx

  2. I have that Unicorn highlighter, it's absolutely gorgeous!

    Emily xo

    1. it really is! I'm just obsessed with it :D


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx