Sunday Snuggle Down #58


Be proud of who you are

Even though I didn't manage to go to Pride this year, I did manage to see all the lovely displays around Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street! I think it's amazing and so good that everyone can express who they are and celebrate it with events like this! #LoveHappensHere

The week for me personally has been reaaaalllyyyy exciting and all will be revealed on the blog soon. I promise!! Also the Cath Kidston A/W has dropped - and I'm shook. Expect a lot of clouds and rainbows omg.

Aside from dying (yet again) in the heat, I've got some lovely blog posts to share with you all that I know you guys will love. I've tried to make it as different as I can this time, so I hope there's something for everyone... Once again, have a cosy Sunday and make today an excuse to self care!

  • NEW FAVE BLOGGER ALERT!! *sirens blare out* I don't know if you're following this gorgeous gal right now, but Paige's blog Milkyte4 is an absolute dream! Beauty, lifestyle and beautiful photography, you'll be sighing in admiration...
  • Mandy talks about the 5 ways you're standing in your own way from life to even blogging. This is a must read!
  • I feel like we're in a generation of constantly being tired. But fear not! Kirstie has some amazing products up her sleeve to help combat the dreaded feeling yaaaay!
  • Harriet shows us in lovely photos her trip to Hastings. It looks pretty amazing and now I really want to be beside the seaside. Meeeehhhh.
  • Charlie gives us a room tour and I have to say, it is absolute room goals. We're talking plants, minimalism and rose gold aaaah.
  • Zoe takes a trip to the World Famous Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree and oh my I'm literally dying at how cute everything is! Once you see it, you'll be dying to visit as well!!
  • If there's one thing that Katy is excellent at, it's showing her readers food porn. Two words. Cheese. Fries. And of course plenty of burgers and onion rings to salivate over. 

What have you guys been up to this week?


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  1. I haven't look at the Cath AW yet - I'll have to take a peek right now! xx

    1. Omg you'll LOVE IT!! :D also they have really cute stationary in!!


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