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Blogger appreciation post part two

This (sort of) series kind of feels like a lovely special occasion. Like a birthday. I don't do them too often, but when I do, I love sharing the love and giving some appreciation to the bloggers who grace my blog post feed!

Without them, I probably wouldn't be here writing this post. Seeing other people's passion for the hobby that's fast growing into a legit business sector makes me feel so grateful that I'm the 0.01% that's part of it. Even if I'm not earning any money off it. Yet.

Soooo, to get to the actual point, I thought I would list a few bloggers that you guys NEED to add to your feed! Their posts will make you smile, their photography and writing will hit you with new inspiration. It's basically a bunch of my favourites!

001: Jaye Rockett: Jaye is a new favourite of mine. Not only is her instagram goals, but her blog is full of beautiful photos and posts about life, food and her travels. If you want a blog that reminds you of cosy Sunday afternoons, then her blog is it. You would be a fool not to add her to your Bloglovin' feed!

002: Forever September: If there's one blogger who does marble flatlays perfectly, it would be Lucy. Any beauty product looks 1000% more photogenic in her flatlays than they would generally. Her posts are soooo down to earth and she's been one of my faves since I first made my blog in 2014.

003: VVNightingale: The queen of flower crowns and whom I've had the lovely pleasure of meeting up with numerous times. Vicky, I feel, is basically the more girlier floral version of me. She loves homeware, lush and everything cute. And her lifestyle posts always seem to be exactly what I feel on the subject she's talking about. In all, she's just the best and just as lovely online as she is in real life.

004: From Roses: In terms of the 'bigger' bloggers, Rebecca and her blog has been one that I always read for about beauty and lifestyle. And where I got the inspiration to try and push myself with different post topics. Her blog is beautiful, clean and aesthetically pleasing. And even though her beauty reviews are of high end products, the photos keep bringing me back for more...

005: Hannah Gale: If there's one person who I consider the most down to earth and queen of blogging. It would be Hannah. Her lifestyle and fashion posts always make me feel like she's talking to me as a friend and not just a reader, and her style is actual goals. (Kinda want that Topshop bag she always has on her) Add her to your blog follow list asap!

006: Vivatramp: Even though her blog is also considered lifestyle, Bee's blog is my go to for book reviews. I'm a SERIOUS bookworm and I love devouring new and old reads. If you love reading as much as me, you'll love her blog as her book review posts aren't just about one book, but Bee reviews numerous ones in one post. Amazing. Plus she makes any book look amazing in a flatlay.

007: Sophie etc.: I've been reading Sophie's blog for so long that I can't remember when I started. I think it was around 2014. Anywaaays, her blog is full of food, lifestyle and fashion that makes me want to steal her style haha. All her photos are beautiful and her posts about food always make me hungry.

008: Wanderlust Girl: Kyia's lifestyle blog is one of those that you wish you wrote when you were a younger teenager. And the fact that her photos are candid and so pretty! And can we talk about her blog layout. If you're after something different to read, then defo check her blog out!

Who's blogs have you guys been loving recently?


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely bloggers. I love reading these posts as it's such a great way to discover bloggers that you may not've before!

    Alice May Snell ♡

    1. Awww that's ok and I hope you find some new favourites! xx


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