June Favourites


Basic needs: have pretty things

I know I know. The color correction on this photo is horrific. But ya gal had trouble making a veeery blue photo appear appropriately normal. And here we are left with a pink looking photo. But let's slide past that because it is FINALLY July! I don't know if I've always associated the month with breaking up for summer from school, but it just feels like The Summer Month. With capital letters.

And before we start wishing the month away. (Because between you and me, we both want Autumn to come) Let's get into what I've been loving the past few weeks. And yes, that framed photo of cacti IS relevant to this post...

001: Lush botanicals knot wrap: For £4.50, this knot wrap from Lush is the best purchase I've made. Not only is it the most prettiest thing I've seen from their offerings of the wraps but it's environmentally friendly as well. It's made from two plastic bottles fyi. I've been wearing it as a tie around my head, and more recently in a proper 50s style head scarf. I've just been obsessed.

002: Lush Kitchen Sex Bomb body lotion: This my friends, is the best purchase I've made since I bought the Twilight shower gel... I LOVE jasmine and the bath bomb named after this, and I can't stop sniffing my arm every time I put it on. It's just beautiful, absorbs easily into the skin and my skin feels super hydrated after. And did I mention I love the jasmine scent?

003: Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot primer: I've now stuffed my NYX primer in the draw, and I've been reaching for this every day before I slap on my foundation. It's exactly like the Benefit one but half the price and makes my skin feel matte and ready for the rest of my base makeup to go on. Love love love it.

004: Starbucks cards: I feel I can slightly forgive the UK chains for not bringing back the S'mores frapp for summer, because they brought out these cute frapp style cards and obviously I HAD to go for the pink one. I've activated it, so now it's my primary card of use and I can't stop looking at it every time I pull it out to pay for a drink. (If you want one, it's kind of like a rewards card except it's like an oyster card but for coffee and every time you buy a drink you get a star. 15 stars mean you get a free drink!)

005: Summer weather: This is where the cacti print comes in. It's the only thing to represent the summer weather. Ok, like everyone else, I've kind of complained a lot about the heat. And the fact that I want Autumn to come. But while it's here, I've enjoyed the sun and getting that vitamin D, and it drastically improves my mood. I was so miserable when it rained the other day.

006: Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever palette: A classic favourite of mine, but I've been reaching for this more since I've discovered the space unicorn queen look. (May or may not do a blog post on it in the future...) The colours are relatively pigmented but I just love it because they're all so bright and right up my street!

What have you guys loved in June?


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  1. I am so jealous of Lush products. We still don't have Lush in our country.. :D

    1. Omg! That's so sad! If you ever come to London you need to go to a shop asap! x

  2. The wrap is so cute! I love how the flower pattern pops out against the dark background color.

    1. I know! That's one of my favourite things about it! Aaah it's so pretty :)

  3. That palette has stunning shades, great picks!


    1. Aww thank you and it does! The pinks are my favourites and the oranges are perfect for Autumn! :) x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx