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I wasn't going to post any more this month and wait till Blogmas started, but the wonderful Lauren over at Stories Can Make Us Fly tagged me last night to do this. And why the heck not? I did another tag not too long ago, and I enjoy doing them so much that I'm doing one again today!

The best thing about tags like these, are that you can learn more about the blogger and then discover new bloggers through whom they tag. This one is pretty simple, so here's the basics...

You answer the questions that a blogger has nominated for you do to, and then you tag more bloggers and ask them your own questions. So without further ado, here's what I've been asked...

001: What is your favourite season?
It's a reaaally hard one. I love Spring for the blossoms and pretty flowers, Autumn for the leaves and pumpkin spice and Winter for Christmas. But if Christmas never existed, Winter would be boring, so I going to stick with Spring because (1.) my birthday and (2.) soooo many flowers.

002: What is your favourite Lush product?
I have a lot of love for basically every product from Lush. But I think it has to be Sex Bomb bath bomb. It's the jasmine and clary sage that gets me plus it's so beautifully potent that I could bathe in it forever. I also have a limited edition body lotion from the kitchen in the scent and it's my special product that I can only allow myself to use occasionally haha.

003: What lifts you up after a tough day?
Watching YouTube. Thinking about loneliness recently has made me realise just having human connection can make me feel happy - especially if the day has been challenging. Give me some chocolate, coffee and a watch later playlist featuring Gabbie, Zoe, Helen and I'm sorted for the evening.

004: What is your favourite flower and why?
Tulips! Especially when you can find them in rainbow packs, and they really brighten up the room. When Spring comes around I get excited and so ready to stock up and have some. Wild daffodils also bring a smile to my face. Also blossom. The more pinker, colourful and cheerful, I'm there.

005: Are there any foods or food groups you avoid? Is that a choice (e.g Veganism) or allergy?
Nope. What a letdown of answer I'm sorry.

006: What’s your favourite cocktail/mocktail? (Adding the latter since I don’t drink myself)
I am that boring that I don't even drink mocktails. Can I say Kopparberg cider?

007: What’s your favourite smell?
I have a few favourites: the smell of hot chocolate powder, that smell you get in the evenings when it's really fresh out (I can't explain it haha), candles, Starbucks Christmas drinks, the smell of a Lush shop, warm spices like cinnamon and ginger.

008: What’s your favourite quote?
It's that Dumbledore quote that everyone loves: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light." Good old film Dumbledore.

009: Where is your happy place?
Maybe my room? My room is my safe place in a way and it feels good to be in it when it's neat, tidy and has good fairy lights on. Also, when my favourites are playing like The 1975. I can put my earphones in sometimes and just be taken away. Probably not the answer you wanted, but I can't think of anything else haha.

010: What do you love most about the blogging community?
Everyone is so friendly, especially on twitter. If something happens, we come together, we have fun in tags, share love for each other's blogs and it's like a big collective party every day!

Here's my questions to you guys:

001: What's your favourite restaurant to eat at?
002: Why did you start blogging?
003: Have you got any bucket list places to visit?
004: Who are your favourite singers/bands?
005: If you could pick only one celebration to have each year for the rest of your life, would it be your birthday or Christmas?
006: Chocolate or sweets?
007: What topics are your favourite to blog about?
008: What do you do to relax in the evenings?
009: What's your favourite makeup brand?
010: Are you a coffee or tea person?

And I tag... Hayley - Vicky - Maria - Charlotte - Maisie

Have a great evening guys!


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  1. I remember doing this tag back in the day, such a lovely one to do and I love finding out more about my fave bloggers - lovely post Fran!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Saame! It's one of my faves and this is the third time I've done it haha! I'm glad you liked it xx


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