The BEST Gucci Crossbody Bag Dupe Out There


And you won't believe where it's from

Yeah, I bought ANOTHER bag. And my excuse?? Well, it was an amazing bargain for a designer bag I've been lusting after for aaaageess. If you guys know me, I have expensive taste, and when I see something that's very similar to something else that I can't afford, I will buy it. And just over a year ago I bought this pretty Marc B bag that was a dupe for the Mulberry Lily.

But recently, I've been obsessed with the Gucci crossbody bags. Probably because every blogger has one now - and more specifically, it's the Marmont matelasse bag - also the disco edition that Tanya Burr has. It's the most beautiful shape and I'm just obsessed with the red.

And while I was feeling sad that it costs £715 that I can't afford, I went into Primark and saw the most perfect dupe for it and snapped it up. (Because there were only a veeeery few left!) And the grand total was £8.

Yeah you read that right. Eight fricking pounds. It's the same shape, a slightly brighter red but with the gold hardware and a cute tassel that's on the disco crossbody. The only difference is that it has a quilted front instead of the embossed and gold hardware 'G' on either side, but the bag itself is SO soft you would think you were probably paying Topshop prices.

You really can grab some real gems from Primark and this is one of those! As you can see above, it fits all the essentials and slightly more. I'm obsessed already and I can already picture myself using it as much as my Mulberry Lily dupe. (Expect loads of pics of it on my insta from now on!) And red just gives a nice pop to any outfit. If you love the Gucci crossbody bags as much as me, then get down to your local store quick! I only saw a black version so I don't know if there's a tan version, but the red is probably the best in my opinion...

Have you guys found any designer dupes recently?


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  1. This is so pretty - gotta love primark for a good dupe/bargain!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. You really do! I always find something amazing every season even if it’s only one or two items :)

  2. This is such a lovely bag! More and more shops are doing dupes of luxury bags, which is good because let's be honest most luxury items aren't even worth their full price anyways haha. This adds such a nice pop of colour to any outfit, great bargain!

    Julia x

    1. Literally and it totally does! It brightens up just about every outfit I wear!!


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