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You probably realised a loooong time ago that I kinda stopped my 'Sunday Snuggle Down' posts. I fell out of love with the name and it gradually became a chore every weekend to sift through my Bloglovin' saves and choose posts to share. It just wasn't fun anymore.

But that doesn't mean I don't love these sorts of posts. I want to do these again as there have been so many posts from amazing bloggers that deserve to be shared. My aim is to do these posts maybe once a month or every two?? So, if you want to discover more bloggers, then jump on and come along for the ride!!... Read on for this month's faves...

001: the sunday girl // the £6 highlighters everyone is talking about: If there's one thing I'm obsessed with, it's makeup! And this post sold it to me about the new MR highlighters. The swatches look amazing and the price is great for those on a budget!

002: joy the baker // supreme pizza quiche: Right, this recipe is in no way healthy. I mean it has pizza in the title, but if you want to make a cheesy quiche with a difference, then this one is the one for you! Did I mention it has pepperoni on??

003: little miss katy // riverdale diner vibes at, soho: Everyone knows and loves Katy's posts. And my favourite kind are restaurant and food reviews! Just thinking about this post is making me salivate... Think pink and neon sign aesthetics with burgers and milkshakes. Yep, Katy has it spot on for Riverdale vibes...

004: jaye rockett // 3 independent coffee shops in new york to try: I love Jaye and her blog (have you seen her insta??) And this post makes me want to go to NY asap. I love coffee and this city is hiiigh on my bucket list. If you want to get great coffee while on a trip, then save this post!

005: bepbee // my newest room additions: Interior posts are right up my street, and Bethan's post with snap shots of her room are actual goals. (Crates, plants, prints, the works!) Go ahead and give it a read, and I bet you, you'll be green with envy...

006: maria j // i stopped 'trying' to gain instagram followers: There's very few posts out there that are like this. Normally, you'll get posts about how to gain followers rather than giving up. But Maria is so down to earth, that her post on this subject is so relatable. And she does share some amazing tips!

007: 'ice cream' whispers clara // i took my babe to barbados, part two: Travel posts are one of my faves to read, and I live precariously through the photos and the words that are used to describe trips. And Elizabeth's is no different. With amazing photos that make me want to jump on a plane asap, I'm sure you guys will feel all warm and summery when you read this post too.

008: rhianna olivia // introducing the uncool club: Rhianna has a newsletter with a difference. It's called The Uncool Club, and it sounds amazing. Us readers can get involved and I think it's something that not many bloggers think about. Let this quote from the post be the reason you click to read it -> 'I want it to be a place where people like us can come together. People who feel like they are winging it, people who feel like they can’t pull off that wanky hat but are going to do it anyway, people who want to stick a middle finger up to the expectations thrust upon us to have everything so together.'

Who's blogs have you been obsessed with recently?


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  1. ooooh so many new little blogs to spend my saturday poring over! thanks for sharing lovely.

    katie. xx

    1. You’re very welcome :) xx

  2. Gonna go check these out now!

    And there's certainly no harm in adding the Penguin Women Writers series to your wishlist, no ;)

    1. wooo! enjoy reading them! <3 when I get paid this month I’ll definitely aim to buy all of them haha xx


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