Feel Summer Ready With The Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics Collection

by - 21.6.18

The Zoella stan buys again!

If you've not been reading my blog for long OR you're here just for this post, then hi, my name is Fran and I am absolute Zoe Sugg trash. I love her vlogs, style, aesthetics aaaaand most importantly, her Zoella Beauty products.

Which I'm going to RAVE about to you today. And this is her newest collection Splash Botanics. It's just as summery and tropically nostalgic as it sounds...

I actually bought these products last week as my local Superdrug had the products in early, and you can bet I squealed like a 12 year old fan girl (no offence if you are one - hey I totally feel you!) and they went straight into my basket!

If I'm being completely honest, last summer's launch didn't excite me as much. I still bought products but putting it into perspective, it has nothing on this year's.

Because, this year we're getting the whole works of coconut water and lychee.


Zoe has honestly topped it and I don't know how she's going to go one step further. I thought Tutti Fruity was a winner. This one is fresh and tropical and super uplifting I just want to bathe in it 24/7. It's not sickly or too leafy that you'll get bored - while also being quite a mature scent so everyone can enjoy it (not just the teens).

The packaging itself is sooo up to date with being minimalist and cute with the leaves and my fave colour at the moment: pink! I feel like this is one that will become the scent of Summer 2018 for me and the three products I bought will defo help with that. And I know you want to hear about them sooooo let's get into it...

001: make a splash moisturising body wash:
I loved last year's moisturising body wash and is probably the only product I'll pick up again from the jelly and gelato collection. This one is just as creamy and lovely and I've started using it as a shaving cream and it works wonders. The scent stays on your skin for a while after using it which is a bonus and is just a joy to use in the shower without worrying about using lotion after as I feel it does what it says on the tin!

002: drench me bubble bath soak:
Is this not the coolest packaging or what?? It's a bit like those cool coconut water/juice cartons you can get in the supermarket. Which is what I hope Zoe was going for. (A bit like the bath latte soak from the Sweet Inspirations range which was basically in a milk bottle) Just like the wash, the scent is quite strong - even when in the water.

But I will say, I don't know if my standards are high or my water pressure is crap, but I didn't get mountains of bubbles. I still got quite a bit, but not Lush standard. But it's a pleasant experience putting aside the scent and great for pairing with a equally uplifting bath bomb!

003: botanic'eau body mist:
NOW this is the game changer kids. I looooove a good body mist and my heart - you can guess - is still sold to the Tutti Fruity one. But, the scent is the strongest in this product and lasts for freaking ages. I like to spray it on basically every inch of my body before I start the day and a few hours later, I can still faintly smell it when I top up.

The packaging is the definition of tropical, and if you do love this collections scent but not sold on the bath and shower products - because you have too many ZB products duh - then choose this as your first point of call!

I'm just sooo freaking obsessed with Splash Botanics. Not only does it sound tropical, but IT IS. And whatever product you choose to go for, you'll be transported to tropical isles. Or have a scent that will forever remind you of this summer.

And amazing products haha. You can count on the fact I'll be going back for top ups...

Will you be planning to buy into this collection?


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  1. Oooo I've never actually tried Zoella's products but I think you might have sold them to me! Love the packaging as well and the flavour sound like they smell delish!
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

    1. Ooh then you must try this!! It’s going to basically be my scent of this summer x

  2. I absolutely love the packaging of this new range, so super summery and cute!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It reaaally is!! I have to say it unintentionally matches my bedroom aesthetic too haha

  3. All of the products you picked sound amazing! I have only tried products from her original and Tutti Fruity ranges actually. I have so many skincare products to go through so I've tried not to buy any more for a while. I think I'm going to have to get a few products from this range though :)x

    Anu | Based On blog

    1. Ooh definitely try this if you liked the Tutti Fruity range! It’s obviously not a very similar scent but it’s still such a summery fragrance to me like TF was x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*