The Essentials You Need For A Weekend Away

by - 19.6.18

Be on top of your packing game

Recently I went away to Brighton for two days. FYI if you couldn't already tell from my current Instagram theme haha.

And ONE THING I enjoyed most about going was the packing. Because this was my first time ever away on my own, and it's like a nice little ritual to do to make sure you have everything you will ever ever need on a trip...

I decided after it being a success and that I enjoyed it so much, I would make a whole post on all the little things that are basically essential for a holiday away. (Think gadgets, beauty, etc.) Even, if for me, it was only for two days!

001: disposable camera for the memories:
Not only should you full on experience a trip. But you should also capture it! And the most fun way to do that is with a disposable camera! They're inexpensive and just add another dimension of sorts to capturing memories...

The one pictured is from two summers ago, which I totally should develop pretty soon...

002: sunny shades for hot days:
It's summer, you need some pretty sunglasses to shade your eyes from the sun, but also look cool for outfit photos. I'm obsessed with these purple ones from Topshop which look a bit like Ray Bans. Even if it's a British summer, you never know when a super sunny day will happen.

003: a killer playlist for the journey:
Going there and back calls for amazing music. Whether it's just one album or a full on Spotify playlist. You need to get some tunes going to raise the excitement levels to the roof - car, train or coach!! Holiday faves include The Killers, Marina and the Diamonds, 30 Seconds to Mars and Paramore.

004: shower gel and hair products to help you feel fresh:
More specifically the cute travel ones. I went to The Body Shop and stocked up on these lovely tropical little delights. (I NEVER go there because I'm a Lush girl at heart but a friend convinced me)

Again, even if it's a holiday at home in the UK, you can't go wrong with something like a mango shower gel and banana hair products to really get you in the spirit. Plus, when you use them again, it'll make you remember the holiday!

005: innovative toothpaste (oooh):
OF COURSE you can take any travel toothpaste you want, but it's so much cooler to take a Lush one. These toothy tabs are amazing, you just nibble them and then wet your brush and scrub away!! Because they're tabs, they're not going to (1.) leak (2.) be an annoying long tube in your makeup bag.

A nice one to go for is Miles Of Smiles - pictured - which is super minty and fresh and was a lovely treat to use in Brighton. PLUS you can recycle the bottle after!

006: a big but pretty wash/makeup bag for aaaaall the bits:
Let's not forget the most important part of a trip away! Having cute bags big enough to fit all your essentials for makeup and toiletries. At the moment Primark have some lovely affordable ones - which is where I got the one pictured above!! They fit all my makeup, brushes and a couple of palettes. I mean, you've got to travel in style, even if it's only you who sees the cacti and coffee wash bag you own...

What do you guys think is essential to a trip away?


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  1. A disposable/film camera is a must for a weekend away, couldn't agree with you more on that one!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It's a lovely way of catching memories without a phone camera plus you have them in physical form after which is pretty cool!


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*