The Love of Snog


I've always wanted to venture into Snog, as the idea of froyo fruit heaven was an image of pure bliss! Last Sunday was the day I finally had my first Snog, in Convent Garden. As soon as I stepped into the colourful and bubbly atmosphere, my expectations were crushed into a raspberry pulp. (In a good way!) I was greeted with bright lights and beautiful wall designs. An atmosphere such as this opens up the depths of my heart and releases the excited kid in me. I'm 17, I know but I had a burning urge to just jump up and down. Though holding that in was wise because I didn't want to lose my friends, as they would have abandoned me for thinking that I was too weird haha.
As an ice cream addicted human being, I feel I need to confess to you guys that I love Ben and Jerrys and all ice cream alike. I just can't get enough, so Snog is a perfect substitute for my addiction. And as they promise their food is 100% healthy, that made me feel guilt free straight away.
I decided to have milk chocolate froyo with pineapples, raspberries and blackberries. There were bowls of fresh fruit, nuts and granola as well as sweet treats to make chocoholics like me indulge without feeling rubbish after. The prices for the food are reasonable and totally worth the money, my froyo may not look big but for about £4.80 it was massive!
So far, Convent Garden is one of the only Snog stores I know and I hope they are getting popular so I can get one even closer to me. Knowing me, I would go back there just for the atmosphere and knowing I can practically have ice cream guilt free!

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