June Favourites


I thought I'd start ( or try ahem) a new series for every month. With most bloggers, there's likely to be a monthly favourite series. So I have decided to jump on the wagon, join the crowd and try to be one of the cool kids. As you can see, there will be four favourites every month. This post sees a bit of food and some beauty and good reads.

1. The Body Shop shower gels and lip balm collection:
This cute little collection was a birthday gift from a friend, and I'm obsessed. I've never used or owned a Body Shop product before but now I regret not having some sooner. As you can see, the products are strawberry and chocolate (*OMG*) and the scent does not disappoint. I use this all the time, especially when under stress and it's summer. Because (I have to make us all face up to it) in the summer when we are extremely hot and sweaty, we need that cool, sweet smelling and refreshing bath. And this is it! They come in two cute little bottles with a small strawberry flavoured lipbalm and a shower scrub. It's a great gift for a friend or a guilty treat for the summer.

*Gift Set around £6*

2. Ben and Jerry's ice cream:
Since summer has officially started (sort of), the cravings for ice cream has grown. As you probably know from my snog post, I wanted to be more healthy by eating more froyo. Result: fail. I can't describe my love for this brand, i think it's the pieces of cookies and brownies that come with it. (Half Baked) The sweetness of these delights is absolutely perfect and at the moment they are £2.24 at my local supermarket. A bargain but a curse as over the course of the month I have bought and indulged in two tubs so far, which have taken me two to three days to eat. *oops* I haven't seen any different flavours apart from Half Baked, Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Phish Food which is really sad. I am dying to try the Baked Alaska and all the other flavours that probably haven't come to the UK yet. So Mr Ben and Jerry, hurry up and ship them over!!

*Most Ben and Jerry's flavours available at your local supermarket or ice cream shop*

3. Paper Aeroplanes and Goose by Dawn O'Porter:
I have to admit, I don't really go for these sort of reads as I'm more of a horror/fantasy sort of girl. But I wanted to try something different, and these books were recommended in Company Magazine on two separate occasions. From a first glance at the blurb, it does come across as one of those cheesy teen reads, but once you get into it... well... Let's just stick with that cliché phrase that almost every reviewer of a book says: You'll be hooked! While not giving away spoilers, this duo will be relatable in some ways and the characters will be loved instantly. It goes through the tough times of GCSE's and A Levels and the stresses of friendships, family life and exams. If you just finished your exams, you might be put off, but to be honest, that fact won't matter. And with another two books scheduled to be released - I'm so stoked.

*Paper Aeroplanes and Goose is out now at £7.99 each*

4. Blueberries:
Last but not least, is the healthy part. I know what you must be thinking, I must be so unhealthy in general but really I love my fruit and salads. (But I just talk about the junk food with you guys haha) Blueberries have become my recent love as I've heard they increase your metabolism. Although I do add a little sugar to give them flavour, they are super tasty and different from the usual apples and pears *blah blah blah*. I tend to add some strawberries and raspberries into the mix, especially with the current hot weather in the UK and it makes a nice summer berry salad. I'm also trying to be more healthy at breakfast as it usually consists of toast, but I have been adding blueberries to fruit and nut granola and it's amazing. I'll be eating more of these definitely!

*Blueberries available at your local supermarket*

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