That Simple Skincare Range Craze


Simple recently has teamed up with a load of bloggers and youtubers like Zoella, who fronts the Skin Social tumblr campaign. A lot of the products they were promoting

(and singing songs about) seemed familiar to me, and a quick hunt through my draw brought me to a realisation that I own such products.

*well done, not looking after your skin properly then Fran?*  Ok, yeah and that's pretty bad of me, I know... And from the first campaign video last week, I have started using them again and to my delight, Simple has been a real treat for my skin. I'm also typing this after a recent mini pamper sesh with my skin and the products!

So, I present a mini run-down of a few of the products Simple is currently promoting. Hopefully this will give you an insight from a non- promoter! Not that Zoe or anyone else isn't any good! :)

The hydrating moisturiser looks and feels amazing when applying it to your skin, and after using it for about a week, my face feels super soft.  On the bottle it recommends that you can use it with the facial wash to get all the grub out. (featured below) What I'm loving about this, and all the other products, is that it contains multi-vitamins and that certainly makes me feel better about using it on my skin. I've used many moisturisers, but this one is by far the best. Yes, there's no nice scent, but it works best on my skin and that's the kind of results I expect from a brand like Simple.

This facial wash is a dream to use, just work it into a lather then smooth it onto your face (make sure your face is wet first!) and then rinse off and dry. I use this as soon as my make-up has been scrubbed off and it leaves my skin smooth and free to breathe. The bottle advises you to use it morning and evening, though I only use it in the evening. At the start of my 'baby' blog, I talked about this and the other products this post also features, and  that they came in a gift pack. I failed in my mission to use them regularly, but I think now the weather is getting hotter and more likely to cause breakouts, I've made it a challenge to use it as often as possible. Out of all the products, this is my favourite and most used because you can use it while washing and it fits into your routine perfectly. The smell isn't like flowers, but the scent is nice enough to make me think that there are good, natural things in this gel that cleans my face.

I haven't used this yet, but as it was part of the range, I had to include it. *awkward face* But from the sounds of it on the bottle, it promises even more goodness for your skin. It's advised to be used morning and evening and used before the toner. I'll try and do that, but I'll probably end up slapping it on in the evening haha. But, I cant wait to use this! (I'll try and update you guys on what I think later... but really I won't bother) 

Omg, this one is a real treat! Just put a generous amount onto a cotton wool pad and spread it all over your face. I swear it creates a miracle and makes your skin so smooth that even babies will be envious. This is a tiny gift bottle but I can see this sort of size is the perfect size and will be making my way into my beauty luggage for my American holiday next year. *yaayy* After every use, my skin feels refreshed and I praise the Simple gods that this exists. Ok, enough praise for this... just get it!


Standard Version Products:
Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner / drugstores - £2.99 (link)
Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash / drugstores - £3.25 (link)
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser / drugstores - £3.99 (link)
Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion / drugstores - £2.99 (link)

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  1. Anonymous5/9/14

    I have used Simple as my makeup remover for a long time, maybe it is time to check out the rest of their products... :)
    You have a lovely blog!

    1. thanks and yeah, the rest of their products are so good and I use them now religiously every day and thank you :)


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