July Favourites


The time has come for another monthly favourites! Well, sort of because I'm doing it early and you can't get as exciting as this. Be warned that some of them are a little random...

1. I'm getting green fingers!:
Firstly, I got the most cutest little plant ever, and it's called an Aloe plant. I've seen these all over instagram on the hipster feeds, and as I was doing up my room, I just had to get one to pair with my little cacti, Joe. It's an indoor plant and you only water it when it becomes dry (that's really good as I always forget to water my cacti), and because I named my cacti Joe, I had to name my new plant Zoe. (After Joe and Zoe Sugg!) She was only £5 at Homebase, and that's a good price, and little Zoe sits proudly on my shelf with my Company and Vogue magazines. :)

2. Starbucks breaks:
By now, you guys should know that the holy grail of coffee is my home and this week I've been at my local newspaper completing work experience. And I go to Starbucks before I start. I'm glad this little coffee shop is near me as I always arrive an hour early, so I pop in there and have a coffee before I start the day. As you can see on the picture, I have a smiley face on my cup... I got it yesterday and that was my first ever one and just a little thing like that made me really happy. I've been trying different flavours each day, and according to the weather man, tomorrow is going to be scorching so I might opt for the new Red Berry Frappuccino. *yummy* Luckily, I've got three more days until the daily morning trip ends which I'm sad about. But I'm not going to my placement for the coffee, haha, I'm actually enjoying the experience. It's just that Starbucks adds an extra element of happiness!

3. The jellies are back:
As you've all seen in a previous post, I got these wonderful jelly shoes which are perfect for the summer. They're a huge trend for the hot weather and makes me feel like a child again. But the only downside is that I got a blister on the side of my foot - and that was for a 10 minute walk! I'm really sad about that but they are brand new and they've only been worn once, so maybe I just need to break them in... I won't go too much into detail as I've already done a post but I love the design and the fact they're made out of plastic! Perfect ocean paddling shoes!

4. Rainbow bands:
I don't know the proper name for these bracelets, but they're a big trend in the lower years of my school and my friend made one for me. And since she gave it to me, I've been wearing it every day. They're basically rubber bands linked together to form a bracelet, I don't know the technicalities as I've not made one but they look pretty simple. The bracelet is a nice accessory to add to a dull outfit and brightens up your wrists and it's always been piled on with my watch and 30 Seconds to Mars wristband.


Aloe plant / Homebase - £5
Starbucks / well, it depends but always around £3.50
Jellies / New Look - £15
Rainbow band / gift

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  1. I love this post and your collage! The bracelet is a loom bracelet :)

    1. Thank you, glad you liked it, and that's the word! haha :)

  2. Do you want follow each other via bloglovin? Let me know.♥ Link: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3947784

    1. Followed, your blog looks creative :)


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