Artists of the Month: Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey



The two artists of the month are 1/2 of my queens! (The others being Marina Diamandis and Sky Ferreira) These ladies shine bright for me this month, as I have recently become obsessed with Katy's debut which was released back in 2008. And Lana just released her second album 'Ultraviolence' in the UK on Monday, which I am planning to buy at the weekend because I am sadly broke right now. *sad face*

I first discovered Katy Perry when she released her debut single I Kissed A Girl back in 2008. So, I've been there from the start really. I recieved an iTunes voucher for my birthday recently, and decided to reminise myself in some fetus Katy. This increased my love for her even more as I have her two most recent albums (Teenage Dream and PRISM). I think she is truly beautiful and inspirational and I love her green hair, I wish I could be more like her. Katy also announced she has her own record label now - that is an achievement! Her music along with her vibes are cheerful and just by listening to her music, it can truly brighten up my day. And every album she has released makes a perfect summer playlist!

Lana really shines for me, as her new album gives big promises with the song she has released on her VEVO channel. Her vocals are so pure they remind me of the vintage songs and her style fits in as well. I think that's why I love her so much, because she is different compared to anyone else in the charts these days. (To be honest, they're all trying to be 'Ibiza' dance tracks these days) Lana is also beautiful as well and I just want to be her and Katy. *repeats sentence and wishes really hard* 

These two ladies are truly the image of today's female position in the music industry. And I think their success will grow immensly, and as a dedicated fan - I will support them all the way!


*Ultraviolence and PRISM is out now*

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