TFIOS: Okay? No.


The title expresses my feeling for this film exactly. At the end when Augustus 'asks' Hazel "Okay?", she smiles and answers "Okay." If I was asked in the context of watching the film, I would sob in their face saying "Do I look okay to you?!" *potential spoiler alert* And from this description you can tell the film was a-ma-zing!
Though many fans of the book have slated the film as '$£%¥', I disagree strongly. Yes, it leaves out some parts but all adaptions do that. But The Fault in Our Stars contains a lot of the passion and emotion that Hazel and Augustus feel in the novel. That's why I cried. Going with two other friends was fun, and the outcome came to one sobbing uncontrollably like she found out her cat died (sorry) and the other with tears in her eyes. What a contrast.
I also recall going into the cinema shouting "I'm going to virtually high-five John Green!", and the ticket guy laughing. (My friend said to him 'I know, she's crazy right?') John Green deserved it. Though I left feeling sad, I didn't have that heavy chest feeling I had when I watched Dallas Buyers Club. Probably because this one didn't feature Jared Leto dying. I just had to high-five him on tumblr (John Green not Jared Leto), but since Friday I have no reply. Thanks for leaving me hanging Green.
Popcorn saved the day as I munched through in a mood of 'whyy Augustus?!' and flung the sad looking popcorn into my mouth. I even had a hint of salt in the taste and it was sweet flavoured - I guess Ansel and his skills got to the popcorn as well. And if popcorn crying didn't convince you to see what The Fault in Our Stars is about. Then I don't know what will...

The Fault in Our Stars is in cinemas right now :)

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