The Love Magazine (Review)


I thought I'd sneak in a quick post about an editorial contemporary fashion magazine that I'm obsessed with, before the next issue comes out at the end of the month. LOVE Magazine. It's a unique outlook on fashion photography and creative things as you can see, and the issue with Miley on the cover is my first ever read. Bored of Vogue *ahem sorry not sorry ahem*, I decided to opt for something that was unique and eye-catching. You can probably tell by the cover that LOVE intrigued me because of the logo and Miley - because I'm a fan duhh. Taking a breather from full on articles and what's on trend is quite nice, though I still love that side of things, and looking at a range of people who have been photographed. Studying A Level Photography has broadened my view on shots and I enjoy looking at these sorts of editorials more.

I was also very excited to see Sky Ferriera and Cara Delevingne featured in the issue as they are amazing idols of mine, and looking at collections of the work they have done interests me hell of a lot. I tend to get these sort of magazines when I'm feeling in a creative mood or want something to look through when I can't be bothered to pick up a book. Basically I just feel like meh (that's not a proper word but describes my mood on point haha) and hunt through the shelves of WHSmith. There was one piece that I loved which was entitled 'Collection' and I just think the set of photos are so tumblr and Pinterest worthy, the pieces are beautiful and you can see a preview in the third from the bottom down photo. 

This wasn't really a post to tell you to buy it and how amazing it was, I just wanted to share it because I'm enthralled by the content and I can't wait till the next issue comes out. But if you want a copy you can get it at WHSmith before the next one is released on the 28th July! Have a nice day guys. x


The LOVE Magazine / WHSmith or all good newsagents - £6
check out their website here

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